It’s been a hectic year for everyone.

Maybe it’s time to get away from everything and enjoy the solitude only nature can provide. Let’s do a walk-through of some of our favorite products to make your camping excursion easy, fun and relaxing.

LEER Roof Top Tent

You’ve thrown your gear in the back of your truck. You’re ready to hit the road, right? Well, maybe. Do you want to spend time setting up a tent with a ground tarp, stakes, and all the hassle? This is supposed to be relaxing! Your best bet is to get a LEER Roof Top tent. Camping couldn’t be easier and more enjoyable with a roof top tent. Made from rip-stop Poly/cotton and a water-resistant ventilated coating, you don’t’ have to worry about the weather. You’ll get a great view of your surroundings, ditch the hassle of a ground tent, and be out of the reach of any animals. And if you choose to have company on your adventure, you’ve got room for two other campers in this tent.


So now you’re all set to get on your way. But do you have an air mattress? Let’s face it, a truck bed gets very uncomfortable pretty fast. You’ll want to make sure you’ve packed a high-quality air bed for your vehicle. Airbedz fit mid and full-sized truck beds in long and short layouts. The heavy-duty material ensures you won’t have to deal with punctures or tears. Contoured sides provide a perfect fit around the wheel wells, making the entire bed is a sleeping area. Airbedz feature a built-in rechargeable pump–so if you need a little more (or less) air, you can adjust air pressure with the flip of a switch. And with an integrated air coil system, you’ll get the perfect night’s sleep under the stars.

Rough Country Portable Refrigerator

Now you’re ready. Hit the road and drive to your favorite secluded spot. Once you’ve arrived, you’ll probably want to grab a cold drink out of your Rough Country portable refrigerator. You can plug this cooler right into your vehicle and control the temperature. Split compartments keep your food separated and an airtight seal keeps everything cold and fresh. And with a built-in LED light, there’s no fumbling around in the dark. Plus, you’ll enjoy piece of mind with Rough Country’s one-year warranty.

Decked truck bed storage system

After a restful sleep in the quiet of the outdoors, you’re no doubt ready for some adventure. And whatever outing you choose, a Decked truck bed storage system will keep everything organized and easy to find. You can access all your gear and outdoor equipment in the smooth-rolling drawers with ease—no more digging in your truck bed. Decked systems are durable and water resistant. Plus, the drawers can hold up to 200lbs of weight. Additional built in features such as rulers, bottle openers and conversion charts make Decked systems not only reliable, but extremely helpful.

With these awesome accessories, your truck is all set with everything you need to make this camping adventure fun, relaxing and memorable.

At LINE-X of Savannah, we can make this dream overnight camping trip a reality. Come on in and pick up your truck tent, Airbedz, portable refrigerator, Decked system and more! We have hundreds of aftermarket accessories to choose from and we can install it all for you. LINE-X of Savannah is here to take care of all your vehicle needs!


As we look forward to the new year at LINE-X of Savannah, we wanted to take another look at some of our favorite LINE-X applications and accessory installations of 2020.

Let these amazing projects inspire you and make 2021 the Year of the Truck. 

Check out just some of these available options and you too can make your truck perform even better this year!


This 2020 Dodge Ram 1500 received all kinds of upgrades. We installed all the following accessories to this bad boy:

  • Rough Country Leveling Kit
  • Fuel Off-Road Wheels
  • Falken WildPeak Tires
  • Matrix Front and Premium Rear Bumper from Fab Fours Bumpers
  • A Smittybilt Wireless Winch
  • Rough Country 30” Light Bar
  • 80 Watt Cube Floodlights from Southern Lite LED


For part of this project we installed a Body Armor 4×4 Overland Rack. We also installed a Southern Lite LED 50” Light Bar. And to really get this ride amped up, we applied a LINE-X application on the Body Armor Roof Basket, fender flares, front and rear bumpers, inner fenders and steps. As you can see, the results are amazing.


A 2020 JEEP Gladiator is always fun to amp up. For this particular JEEP, we applied a LINE-X spray on bedliner. We also installed a Rough Country 2.5” lift and fit the JEEP with Fuel Offroad wheels and Toyo tires. In addition, we set this Gladiator up with a TeraFlex tire mount kit.


We can also take care of your business vehicles! Our work on this fleet of trucks was one of our favorites this year. Just take a look at the options we installed on this business fleet:


At LINE-X of Savannah, we love a vintage vehicle. We can take your old friend to the next level while maintaining its vintage charm. Take a look what this LINE-X application did for this 1981 Ford F100.


Sometimes our favorite projects don’t necessarily include vehicles! This year, LINE-X of Savannah had a great time treating the staff of Frances Meeks Elementary School to a homemade Boston Butt lunch during their pre-planning days for the 2020-2021 school year.


Your vehicle can make a statement. What better way to do that than with a little color?! We love to spray truck beds with LINE-X in color and can offer custom color options in any shade. Plus, our LINE-X spray on bedliner is treated with UV protectant so that color won’t fade.


This brand new 2020 Ram 1500 got a lot of lighting love in our shop. After a LINE-X spray on bedliner, we installed a Flood LED Head Lamp from Southern Lite LED and a 50” LED Light Bar from ARC Lighting. Last we installed Power Steps from AMP Research with lights from Zroadz Dynamic LED Mounting Solutions.


We got this JEEP JK Unlimited ready for any off-road adventure with Blue Snake Lights and Mini Kick Lights from Southern Lite LED. And for that rugged terrain, we installed Body Armor 4×4 Front and Rear Doors.


Finally, we set this 2020 Ford F250 up with a variety of aftermarket accessories. We installed the following items on this killer truck:

At LINE-X of Savannah, we love the opportunity to serve you and take on all your projects. Whatever your dream, we can make it a reality. Come see us and let us transform your vehicle for 2021!