You use your truck bed to haul all sorts of things.

Whether it’s expensive tools, sports gear, or camping equipment, you’ve got to keep your cargo safe and protected.

It’s important to secure your gear from the elements and theft. The best way to do that is to install a bed cover to your truck bed. But if you go to the internet and search bed covers, you may get overwhelmed with all the choices.

 Let us walk you through your options and help you make the best decision.

Hard Folding

Sometimes, it may seem that truck bed covers can make it more difficult to retrieve things from your truck bed. Hard cover tops come in various styles to fit your needs.  A hard tonneau cover excels in security and durability. If security is a top priority, a hard top is a better fit.


Trifold covers are strong and will keep items in your truck bed safe from situations such as theft to weather. Trifold covers also provide a streamlined look that matches your truck. You can choose from a variety of hard trifold tops to get just the look and function you want. BAK Industries has several great tri-fold options that offer full access and full protection. Extang is also a great hard cover brand. Featuring exclusive, hard polymer rubber corners, hinge caps, and snap-on seals, Extang offers premium protection.


A hinged tonneau cover is also a great option when it comes to covering your truck bed. Hinged tonneau covers give the strength of a hard top with the convenience of a soft top. Check out UnderCover premium truck beds. They’ve got several models to choose from, such as the Classic, SE, and Elite, all supported by a 6-year warranty, if installed by dealer.


These tops are the right choice if you are looking for good truck bed protection and security, plus easy bed access. The versatility of a retractable bed lets you load large, awkward sized items or keep the bed closed and secure.

If you’re considering a retractable cover, you’ve gotta check out ReTrax. ReTrax covers are made from one piece of polycarbonate that retracts without hinges or moving mechanisms. You’ll also get a 2-year warranty if installed by dealer.

Roll N’ Lock manufactures another high-quality cover. Made from low gloss vinyl material over aluminum, Roll N’ Lock covers lock in multiple open positions.


A roll-up tonneau cover is a popular choice because of the ease of access it provides. Simply roll up the cover and you can get to your cargo in seconds. If you need to keep everything in your truck bed secure, roll the cover back out and close the tailgate. Unlike bulky tops, roll-up covers give your truck a streamlined look whether the top is rolled up or down. Flexible material also allows for some give when you’re loading the truck bed. Access roll-up covers are dependable and feature reinforced UV protected vinyl.  There is a reason Access covers are some of the most popular on the market.

Soft Folding

A vinyl trifold provides protection for your truck bed without the weight of a hard top. While not as secure as a hard top, vinyl trifolds offer a low-profile appearance. Plus, a soft folding bed cover will keep your valuables safe from the elements.


Customize your truck bed with a painted cover. You can match the exact color of your truck—or go for a two-tone look. Painted fiberglass panels are anything but boring. Sleek and stylized, LEER painted fiberglass covers combine style and protection. UnderCover also offers the LUX and Elite LX painted toppers for added style, which come with a lifetime warranty for paint and structure and a 1-year warranty for parts and hardware.

When you’re talking truck bed covers, you’ve got a lot of options. Sometimes it’s hard to navigate all the different choices available. At Liberty LINE-X, we can guide you to the right bed cover. Come into our store and we’ll help you pick out a cover that is perfect for you.


The crisp fall weather. The excitement in the air. Tailgating.

All this can only mean one thing: it’s game time! Football season is here. You may be ready, but is your truck?

That’s where we come in. LINE-X of Savannah has all the accessories you need to get your truck football ready.

We know these accessories will make game day even better! Just check out these options:

Camper Top with 3 Outlet 12 Volt Power Block

Add some power to your truck. Whether you need power for tailgating tools or to plug in your tv or radio, you’ll be all set with this accessory. You can get three outlets from your existing 12 volt. If you’ve already got the camper, we’ll set you up with the outlet. If you need both, we can handle that too! We’ve got a great selection of camper tops to choose from.

Tonneau Cover

Retractable. Roll-up. Trifold. Hinged. There are so many tonneau cover types on the market. Luckily, at LINE-X of Savannah, we happen to be experts. We can help you decide on the best tonneau cover for your truck. Plus, our highly skilled technicians can get your cover installed in no time. Your tailgating gear will be protected for the season with the right tonneau cover. We can get you set up with a cover from top brands like Truck Gear, BAK, Roll-N-Lock, and more!

Portable Refrigerator

Football means food. The two go hand in hand. But you’ve got to keep that food cold and fresh. That’s where Rough Country’s portable refrigerator comes in! This is a must have if you’re serious about tailgating! Plug right into your vehicle with a DC power cord and you’re all set. The portable refrigerator features compartments to keep food and drinks separate. An airtight seal keeps food fresh and cold.

Tailgate Table for JEEP

We haven’t forgotten our JEEP owners—after all, you’re football fans too! A Rough Country tailgate table for your JEEP is what you need for a great tailgate party. This cool accessory attaches to the inside of your JEEP’s back door. Fold it down and you’ve got a perfect table/shelf. When you’re all done, fold it back up and a flush mount keeps it completely out of the way. The table holds up to 75 lbs and attaches securely to your JEEP to prevent any rattling. Rough Country’s Tailgate Table is made of durable steel and features two built in cup holders!

Telescoping Campsite LED Light

Sometimes the party goes well into the night! The celebration doesn’t stop when the game ends! That’s when Rough Country’s Telescoping Campsite LED Light comes in handy. Plug the LED Light straight into your vehicle with a DC cord or directly to your vehicle’s battery. This waterproofing telescoping light sets up easily to provide 160 ft of illumination. Once the party is over, simply collapse and pack it away.


So the gang is meeting you before the game and you’re in charge of drinks. That’s a heavy loaded cooler! Not to worry, Truck Gear’s Expedition Cooler can handle the load. With large, rubberized tires and a telescoping handle, you’ll move around with ease. Unique features of the cooler include built in bottle openers, a commodity shelf, chopping board, cup holder, and ruler built into the lid. Truck Gear also guarantees this cooler with a 5-year warranty.

So go ahead, put on your favorite team’s shirt. Pull out the foam finger and load up your truck with all your tailgating gear. At LINE-X of Savannah, we can get your truck football season ready in no time! Enjoy the football season with accessories designed to make your life easier!


Temperatures are falling and the leaves will soon be changing. It’s the perfect time to get out and take a trip with your camper or travel trailer.

But before you head out on your next adventure, you’ll want to come down and visit us at LINE-X of Savannah. We’ll ensure your camper or trailer has everything it needs to make this the trip of a lifetime.

We carry a variety of aftermarket accessories to make your travel experience easy and unforgettable—for all the right reasons! Our experienced staff can install camper and trailer accessories quickly and with unmatched expertise

What aftermarket accessories will make your trip better and safer? We’ve selected some of our favorites to tell you about.


Gooseneck hitches are designed for use with trucks. A gooseneck hitch uses a ball and coupler instead of a kingpin. You can haul heavy loads without a problem with this hitch.

5th Wheel Hitches

Secure your 5th wheel to your truck with one of our 5th wheel hitches. We can install a 5th wheel hitch to provide more stability to reduce sway when you’re driving. Curt hitches can help you safely tow your “home away from home.”

Air Bags

An air bag system on a trailer typically sits between the frame and the axle and allows you to easily load your vehicle. Plus, an air bag trailer absorbs shock and makes for a smoother ride. The ride quality can’t be beat. If you’re experiencing squatting, swaying, or bouncing, you need to consider an air bag system. We can set you up with a system from Air Lift to solve all your problems. 

Brake Controllers

Brake controllers are an important addition to ensure safety when pulling a trailer. Brake controllers make sure your brakes are always working. Plus, brake controllers make towing and stopping with a trailer significantly easier.

Tri Ball Hitches

Tri ball hitches are versatile and extremely user-friendly if you have multiple towing requirements. You can easily adjust the ball mount and rotate to the required hitch ball.

Collapsible Fire Pit

So the gang is meeting you before the game and you’re in charge of drinks. That’s a heavy loaded cooler! Not to worry, Truck Gear’s Expedition Cooler can handle the load. With large, rubberized tires and a telescoping handle, you’ll move around with ease. Unique features of the cooler include built in bottle openers, a commodity shelf, chopping board, cup holder, and ruler built into the lid. Truck Gear also guarantees this cooler with a 5-year warranty.

Fire Pit Carrier Bag

Rough Country’s collapsible fire pit is an easy way to cook your favorite campsite dinners. The fire pit carrier bag makes the clean up job easy as well! This bag allows you to easily pack up and store your collapsible fire pit. Plus, it features storage pockets for all your fire pit accessories.

Battery Jumper and Air Compressor

When you’re out on the road, the last thing you want is an interruption in your adventure by a dead battery! We consider Rough Country’s battery jumper and air compressor combo a must have. This emergency kit is easy to use and so you can get back on the road and back to your vacation.

Telescoping Campsite LED Light

While being out in nature is great, sometimes you need to shed a little light on your campsite. Rough Country has you covered! This telescoping campsite LED light is easy to set up and provides an impressive light coverage.

At LINE-X of Savannah, we can make sure you are ready to hit the open road. Before you head out on your adventure, let us install the best aftermarket accessories to your camper or trailer. We’ll take care of your automotive needs so you can focus on the journey and making memories. Safe Travels!


Depending on the height of your truck (or you), it can be a challenge to get up into the cab.

And you probably know that the simple solution to that problem is to install some running boards. But deciding which running boards are the best option for you, may not be as simple.

At Liberty LINE-X, we can give you the information you need to find the right assist steps and running boards for your truck or SUV.

First, let’s talk about the difference between step bars and running boards.


Step bars function as a lower step to help you get into your truck or SUV. Step bars are made of either steel or aluminum and commonly run the length of the cabin. Step bar features include the following:

  • Can be mounted low for easier access
  • Streamlined appearance
    Great option for off-roading
  • Side protection for your truck or SUV
  • Rounded shape prevents ice and snow buildup


If you’ve got a higher vehicle, running boards might be a better choice because they give you additional height for increased clearance. Plus, running boards can really amp up your truck’s appearance by providing customization options. You can choose the shape, size, and style. We can also install lighted running boards to your truck or SUV. Running boards are probably the right pick if you’re looking for these characteristics:

  • Flatter and wider stepping surface
  • Keeps vehicle interior clean by providing wiping surface
  • Range of shapes and sizes
  • Easy installation
  • Helps protect doors
  • Upgrades vehicle appearance
  • Available in lighted and retractable options

Now, which brands are the best when it comes to side steps and running boards? Here are some of our favorite companies for these particular truck and SUV accessories:


Westin manufactures high quality step bars and running boards. Westin steps and running boards come with several different options and feature a non-skid surface.


Amp Powerstep Running Boards combine advanced technology with streamlined looks. The Powerstep design provides ultimate traction to prevent slipping when you’re climbing in or out of your truck or SUV. These running boards also come in various clearance heights.


N-Fab offers an extensive selection of side steps and running boards. You can choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials—from a rugged to contemporary look. N-Fab also offers upgrades such as lighting.


So the gang is meeting you before the game and you’re in charge of drinks. That’s a heavy loaded cooler! Not to worry, Truck Gear’s Expedition Cooler can handle the load. With large, rubberized tires and a telescoping handle, you’ll move around with ease. Unique features of the cooler include built in bottle openers, a commodity shelf, chopping board, cup holder, and ruler built into the lid. Truck Gear also guarantees this cooler with a 5-year warranty.

Rock Slide Engineering


Rock Slide Engineering specializes in aftermarket accessories for all JEEP Wrangler models. Rock Slide Engineering is meticulous in its attention to detail, providing the perfect accessory. Using state of the art technology, Rock Slide Engineering steps are the perfect choice for your JEEP.

Running boards and side steps are one of the most popular aftermarket accessories for trucks, JEEPs, and SUVs. Why? Because many customers see them as essential for safety and usability. At Liberty LINE-X, we can help you find the right running boards for your vehicle. And we can install whatever side steps or running boards you choose with efficiency and expertise. Come visit us at our shop and we’ll step up the look and functionality of your ride.