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If you know Jeeps, you know driving your Jeep off the lot is only the first step in customizing your ride.

After market parts and accessories are essential to get the most out of your Jeep. Our last blog pointed out the benefits of adding LINE-X to your Jeep. 

This time, let LINE-X of Savannah be your guide through the wide range of Jeep accessories.


Maybe you bought a Jeep to upgrade your off-roading experience. A lift or leveling kit will raise your Jeep game. A lift kit will lift the front and rear of your vehicle allowing for bigger wheels and tires. A leveling kit, on the other hand, will allow for a slightly larger tire. We stock lift/leveling kits from top brands such as Rough Country, BDS, Zone and Fab Tech.



The adventure doesn’t have to end just because the sun goes down. LINE-X of Savannah has all the most popular lighting options from Southern Lite LED.  Which lights do you need? Take a look at these lighting options:

  • Snake-If you’re a serious off-roader, snake lights are for you.  With a streamlined look and quicker lighting response time, these LED lights will leave an impression—day or night.
  • Mini Kick Lights-Mini kick lights are perfect for small interior spaces. Not as durable as large kick lights, but ideal for tight spaces such as battery boxes, rod boxes or under lips.
  • Light Bars-If you’re headed toward some rugged off-road terrain, you need light bars attached to your Jeep. Light bars can be installed to the bumper, hood or top of your windshield.
  • Fog/Headlights-Clarity is key when off-roading. Fog headlights will help you see through the haze so you can enjoy your day of adventure.


Providing visual openness while maintaining a protective barrier, trail doors are essential for off-roading adventures. With several different designs from Body Armour. we’ll find the perfect solution for your Jeep.


Style and protection come together in our large selection of Jeep bumper options. Customize the look of your Jeep and add unsurpassed protection at the same time.


Have you ever been in a tough spot with your Jeep and wishing you had a winch? Wish no more-we’ve got the winch you need to pull yourself (or a friend) out of a jam. You can’t go wrong with brands such as Smitty Bilt and Super Winch. Never go off-roading without a winch again!


The weather is nice and you want you want to lose the hard top on your Jeep-but you still need some protection from the sun. At LINE-X of Savannah, we’ve got several bikini top options to fit your specific needs and preferences. From full to partial coverage, we’ll find the perfect top for your ride.


For all Jeep Gladiator owners, we’ve got exciting news for you! LEER has a new camper topper especially fit for Gladiators. It features frameless twist out windows with screens, a curved rear door with gas props, insulated roof, rotary latching system, and paint finish matching options. We’ll get you set up with the perfect topper for your Jeep.


The outside of your Jeep isn’t the only area that takes a beating. Don’t forget to protect the inside with specially designed seat covers. Marathon and Ruff Tuff seat covers have a range of options to ensure your Jeep is protected and performing under any circumstance.

Visit us at LINE-X of Savannah and we’ll help you amp up your Jeep with all the accessories you need to hit the trails and experience your next adventure. A Jeep can take you anywhere you want to go!

Mention this blog post to receive 10% off your Jeep spray through the end of July!