At LINE-X of Savannah, we know your time is precious and constantly worrying about stopping for gas can become a problem.

Sometimes your vehicle’s OEM tank just won’t cut it.

Maybe you need to travel longer distances or want the freedom and flexibility to make fewer stops, when and where you want. Then look no further than an auxiliary or transfer fuel tank. You’ll save time and money with these tank options:


Auxiliary Fuel Tanks

Auxiliary fuel tanks are additional fuel tanks that are attached directly to your vehicle. These tanks supplement your vehicle’s capacity to carry more fuel extending your driving power and longevity.

When connected to your vehicle, diesel fuel can gravity feed from the bottom of your tank. Auxiliary tanks come in several different capacity, size, and shape configurations. We can help you find the right tank to suit your purposes, whether you’re in need of just a little extra capacity or you’re looking to fuel a long haul. 

Additionally, we can install a gravity feed that will connect the tank to the truck’s fuel feed hose which will automatically control the fuel level going into the OEM tank.


Transfer Fuel Tanks

Transfer fuel tanks are made of strong aluminum and give you the ease of taking a gas station with you wherever you go. Transfer tanks are typically made for diesel fuel, but some tanks can be configured for other gas types. Transfer fuel tanks are highly customizable to suit your specifications and requirements, including size, shape, and even a few color options.

You can fuel any vehicle from trucks to boats to ATVs and more with a transfer fuel tank. If you’re on trails in an ATV or out on the water in your boat, the last thing you need is to worry about running out of fuel and cutting the day short. A transfer tank is just what you need. 

RDS Transfer Tanks come with reinforced pipe coupling for manual or 12 Volt pump, as well as a fuel fill neck, drain fittings, baffles, a manual site gauge, rollover valve and mounting tabs. These tanks come with stainless steel locks and are impervious to rust. 


Auxiliary/Transfer Fuel Tanks

A combination of an auxiliary and transfer tank brings the benefits of both tanks together. Configured to fit your vehicle, an auxiliary/transfer fuel tank works with your truck to ensure an increased amount of fuel on extended trips, long days on the construction site, or a full day on the water. 

If you’re really looking for convenience, RDS also offers auxiliary tank and toolbox combinations. This is ideal for work on a construction site. You can store and access all your tools, while having the fuel you need for equipment—or even to top off a generator. An auxiliary tank combo can streamline the work process and make your work more efficient and effective. 

If you’d like to make your work and adventures a little more convenient with less hassle, consider auxiliary and transfer tanks.

You’ll save time, money, and effort with all the tank options mentioned above. 

If you aren’t sure exactly which type of tank is the best fit, come into LINE-X of Savannah and our knowledgeable staff will walk you through all the options. 

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