Ladders are an essential tool for a multitude of projects.

But they’re long, heavy, and take up a lot of space—if they fit in your vehicle at all! Ladder racks make the job so much easier! Maybe that ache in your back is telling you that you need to install a ladder rack. But which one? We’re here to help. We’ve answered the main questions to consider when purchasing a ladder rack.


With so many ladder rack options, it’s important to know what projects you need a ladder rack to help you accomplish. What do you plan to do with your ladder rack? How can a ladder rack make your life easier?

Once you have isolated exactly why you need a ladder rack, you’ll be able to decide which style of ladder rack is best for your vehicle. Consider your transportation needs, how many ladders you’ll need to haul and their size, and will you be attaching any other equipment to your ladder rack. Considering these issues will help you determine exactly what you need.


You’ve got to buy a ladder rack that works with your vehicle. There are different ladder rack options for trucks and vans. You can select from ladder racks designed specifically for your type of vehicle and its load capacity. Make sure you know your truck or van’s gross vehicle weight rating. You never want to haul more weight than the gross vehicle weight.


As we’ve suggested, there are several options when it comes to ladder racks, but most racks fall into these three categories:


Utility Racks

A utility rack is an extremely versatile option and allows you to stow all sorts of cargo and equipment. If you need to transport more than just ladders, this may be your best option. These racks are compact and work well on most van styles.

They can haul multiple ladders and are a lower priced option. It’s important to note, however, that utility racks can be a little more difficult to access, load, and unload than other rack options.


Lock-down Ladder Racks

Lock-down ladder racks are available in single and double side configurations, giving the option of one ladder per side. As the name suggests, these ladder racks feature a torsion system to lock ladders securely into place. Plus, they are easy to load and unload. With a mid-range price point, this might be the perfect option for your truck or van.

It’s important to remember, however, that lock down racks are exclusively designed for ladders. If you need to haul other items with your rack, this may not be the best option.


Drop-down Ladder Racks

Drop-down ladder racks are a favorite rack choice-especially for work and commercial vehicles. Why are they so popular? Drop-down ladder racks are extremely accessible. The racks actually lower, so loading and unloading ladders is a breeze. This ergonomic rack takes the strain out of loading, reducing the risk of injury.

Additionally, it’s easy to lock the rack and ladders securely into place. These racks are great for vans and trucks, but they come with a higher price tag and are limited to only hauling ladders.


You don’t want to invest in a ladder rack without considering which type of material will work best for your needs and environment. Steel and aluminum are the typical material options. Weather conditions can directly impact your ladder rack.

Aluminum is a popular choice because it is durable and lightweight. Weather conditions are unlikely to harm an aluminum later rack. The lighter weight means better gas mileage. Steel ladder racks are strong and resist bending. If you have to load and unload heavy ladders, multiple times a day, you may need that durability. Just keep in mind that steel is more susceptible to rust and corrosion.


If you know you need your ladder rack to do more than just transport ladders, there are ladder racks that come with side rails, removable crossbars, and integrated headache racks. But no matter which rack you choose, you’re likely to need some accessories. Popular ladder rack accessories include, cargo bars, truck bed nets, anchors, and tie downs.

Hopefully you’ve determined what kind of ladder rack you need. Some of our favorite brands include Holman, Weather Guard, and Dee Zee. Whether you’ve made your choice, or you need someone to talk you through it, LINE-X of Savannah is here to help. We can walk you through the entire process and install the perfect ladder rack to your truck or van.


If you can’t fit all the cargo you need inside your vehicle, it might be time for a roof rack.

Roof racks enable you to haul extra bags, bulky items, sporting goods, an equipment. Whether you’re packing your surfboard up for time at the beach or a bike for a day of adventure, a roof rack can get your gear safely to your destination.

But what types of roof racks are available and how you know which roof rack will suit your needs? Here are some roof rack suggestions and options to consider when deciding on the best choice for your lifestyle.


What are you transporting?

First things first, what are you transporting? Really think about what you need to haul with your roof rack. Consider the sizes and shapes of what you will transport. Do you need a rack for specific sporting goods?

Determine how much weight you want to haul.

You want to make sure you have a rack that can securely hold the weight of your items. Every type of vehicle can manage a specific amount of weight. You want to make sure you don’t overload your vehicle. The weight of your combined items should not equal more than your vehicle’s weight. Additionally, sun and moon roofs can impact how much your vehicle can support. 

Check the roof situation.

Some vehicles leave the manufacturer with rails and crossbars attached. Some require those accessories to be installed after purchase. If your vehicle doesn’t have the right set up for the roof rack you want, LINE-X of Savannah can get your vehicle ready for a roof rack. 

Pick your rack!

Okay, we’ve covered the technical stuff. It’s time to pick your roof rack! 


Cargo Bag

Cargo bags are an affordable option for additional space. They come in durable and waterproof materials to completely protect your cargo. Cargo bags attach right to the roof of your vehicle and are easy to install and remove. You don’t need a rack, crossbars, or rail. 

Cargo Box

A cargo box is a more durable option than a cargo bag. Not only will your cargo be protected from the elements, but the strong plastic keeps your gear safe from impact as well.

 Additionally, a cargo box can be locked to protect from theft. You’ll get more storage space and weight capacity. A cargo box requires roof installation. 

Cargo Basket

Cargo baskets offer versatility that you can’t get from a bag or box. You can transport objects of various shapes and sizes in a cargo basket. Large items can easily be secured with cords and straps.

A cargo basket is specifically good for outdoor gear. One thing to remember is that you have to secure all cargo. Plus, a basket attaches to rails installed on the roof of your car. 

Bike Rack

There are different vehicle bike rack options from trunk racks to hitch racks. But we’re focusing on roof racks.

If you’re a serious biker, this rack is probably your best bet. Installed on crossbars, a roof bike rack is strong and will keep your bikes secure.

Canoe or Kayak Rack

If you love to go out on the water in a canoe or kayak, you understand how difficult it can be to get these bulky items from the garage to the water.

A canoe or kayak rack is an essential accessory. A rack is much simpler than pulling a trailer behind you. Just remember to tie down your canoe or kayak!

Ski and Snowboard Rack

When it’s ski/snowboard season, you need to get to the slopes fast! You don’t want to throw expensive skis and snowboards into the car.

Protect your gear and transport it easily with a ski and snowboard rack. If you are an avid skier or snowboarder, this type of rack is a must! They are safe, efficient, and affordable. 

Don’t delay your adventures any longer!

At LINE-X of Savannah, we will skillfully install your roof rack and get you on your way. A roof rack will make your travels much easier and less stressful!


There are so many tire options out there, how do you know which one is best for your vehicle?

Tires are a big purchase, and we can help you figure out which tire you need. So how exactly do you choose the right type of tire?


Where are you driving?

Choosing the right tire for the terrain is imperative. Consider your driving habits. There is a tire for every kind of road—or offroad. Here are some tire options based on terrain:

HT - Highway Terrain

If you’re sticking to paved roads, HT tires are a good choice. Designed for paved roads, highway terrain tires have shallow treads and very little to no shoulder and sidewall blocking. Paved roads don’t require excessive traction like an off-road tire. 

They’re made with stronger materials and will last a long time. Quiet, fuel efficient, and cost-effective these tires are what you need for regular road driving. 

AT - All Terrain

Maybe you split your driving time between paved roads and more difficult driving conditions. As the name suggests, AT tires will take care of your vehicle on multiple driving surfaces. All terrain tires have deeper treads with larger spaces to allow mud and snow to clear from the tire.

AT tires are louder than HT tires, they weigh a little more, and they aren’t as fuel efficient, but if you’re switching between paved and forest roads—or weather might be an issue– an all-terrain tire is a must! 

MT - Mud Terrain

If you typically find yourself on the road less traveled, then mud terrain tires are the right pick. They are made for your off-road adventures. With deeper treads and sidewall lugs, mud terrain tires can take your vehicle over any obstacle.

As expected, mud tires are the noisiest option and don’t offer the best gas mileage, but they can take on any adventure. 


Pick the right load rating

The tire load rating lets you know how much weight the tire can support. It’s important to get a tire with the right load rating so you don’t overload your vehicle. How do you figure out what load rating a tire has? Check out the following descriptions to find out what those letters mean:

P - Rated

The “P” on a tire stands for passenger. If you’re carrying lighter loads and primarily driving on the highway, this is the rating you want. 

These tires weigh and cost less while providing a smoother ride and better gas mileage. Just keep in mind that a P-rated tire can’t handle as much weight as other tires.  

LT - Rated

LT stands for light truck tires. Even though you might drive a heavy-duty truck, you’re unlikely to need more than an LT tire. LT tires are made for pickup trucks and can support load-range ratings C, D and E.

 LT tires can carry a heavier load than P-rated tires. They are a more durable tire with increased stability for towing and hauling. They are also better equipped for gravel roads. 


Come visit us at LINE-X of Savannah!

The last step in choosing your tires is a visit to our shop. At LINE-X of Savannah, our knowledgeable staff will make sure you get the right tire for your truck. Then, our expertly trained technicians will install your tires in no time. Installing the right tire for your vehicle is extremely important and we’ll make sure you drive away on the best tires for your truck!


Sometimes you pull into the shop for a simple oil change or routine work and one of the suggested services is an alignment.

Maybe your vehicle is driving fine and you haven’t noticed any problems. It’s easy to think you don’t really need an alignment—especially since you can’t really tell if you need on by just looking. What’s the point of getting your tires aligned anyway?

In truth, keeping your vehicle aligned is extremely important. An alignment ensures that your tires meet the road centered, straight, and at the proper angle.

These are just some of the reasons an alignment is a good idea:


Best Gas Mileage

When your wheels aren’t working together the way they should, it puts more stress on the engine. When the engine has to work harder, it eats up more gas and reduces fuel efficiency. Aligned tires require less work from your engine and give you the best gas mileage possible.


Smooth Ride

When your tires aren’t aligned, you’ll frequently feel pulling and struggle with an uncentered drive. Aligned tires prevent jerky driving and constant wheel corrections.


Increased Tire Life

We’ve all been there. Standing at the service counter being told we need to replace tires that are only a year old. The reason? Uneven wear. You’ll avoid this frustration and increase your tire lifespan with regular alignment services. Plus, most tire companies will not honor warranties on their tires without regular alignments.


Improve Vehicle Safety

Regularly maintaining your vehicle keeps it running at its best. When your vehicle is well-maintained, you are less likely to run into issues that cause accidents. Uneven tire wear can cause one of your tires to pop and potentially cause an accident. Similarly, unbalanced driving and constant correcting of the wheel, can also lead to problems.

But how do you know if you really need your tires aligned?

We recommend you get your tires aligned in the following circumstances:

You just got new tires installed.
If you want to get the longest life out of your new tires, make sure you get them aligned initially and regularly.

You have lifted, lowered, or changed the suspension of your vehicle.
Anytime you change the height or suspension of your vehicle, you should have the alignment checked. The process of changing out parts can impact your wheel alignment and wheel angles.

You’ve been in any sort of accident–even a fender bender.
Accidents can cause all sorts of problems. One common result of an accident is a compromised alignment. Ensure your alignment is all set after any accident

The steering wheel is pulling or your drive doesn’t feel centered.
If something feels off about the way your vehicle drives, having the alignment checked is a good place to start. Frequently, if your drive feels off center, you have the alignment to blame. A bad alignment will cause uneven wear on your tires and an uneven ride.

You should get an alignment annually.
If it’s been a year or more since your vehicle has been aligned, it’s time. An alignment should be considered part of your regular maintenance routine.

If it sounds like it’s time for a visit, come visit us and get your alignment done by expert technicians with the best equipment.

At LINE-X of Savannah, we know how important the newest technology is to give you best results possible.

We utilize top-of-the line machines to help us get your alignment perfect. In addition to other machines we own for balancing and tire changes, we are proud to use HUNTER’S HAWKEYE ELITE ALIGNMENT SYSTEM. LINE -X of Savannah provides one of the best alignment systems with the HawkEye Elite wheel alignment system. 

This top-of-the-line product produces accurate alignment results on almost any make or model. All alignment checks are completed by expert mechanics who use the best technology to ensure your vehicle is safe. We’ll get your vehicle aligned and on the road in no time!


At LINE-X of Savannah, we know your time is precious and constantly worrying about stopping for gas can become a problem.

Sometimes your vehicle’s OEM tank just won’t cut it.

Maybe you need to travel longer distances or want the freedom and flexibility to make fewer stops, when and where you want. Then look no further than an auxiliary or transfer fuel tank. You’ll save time and money with these tank options:


Auxiliary Fuel Tanks

Auxiliary fuel tanks are additional fuel tanks that are attached directly to your vehicle. These tanks supplement your vehicle’s capacity to carry more fuel extending your driving power and longevity.

When connected to your vehicle, diesel fuel can gravity feed from the bottom of your tank. Auxiliary tanks come in several different capacity, size, and shape configurations. We can help you find the right tank to suit your purposes, whether you’re in need of just a little extra capacity or you’re looking to fuel a long haul. 

Additionally, we can install a gravity feed that will connect the tank to the truck’s fuel feed hose which will automatically control the fuel level going into the OEM tank.


Transfer Fuel Tanks

Transfer fuel tanks are made of strong aluminum and give you the ease of taking a gas station with you wherever you go. Transfer tanks are typically made for diesel fuel, but some tanks can be configured for other gas types. Transfer fuel tanks are highly customizable to suit your specifications and requirements, including size, shape, and even a few color options.

You can fuel any vehicle from trucks to boats to ATVs and more with a transfer fuel tank. If you’re on trails in an ATV or out on the water in your boat, the last thing you need is to worry about running out of fuel and cutting the day short. A transfer tank is just what you need. 

RDS Transfer Tanks come with reinforced pipe coupling for manual or 12 Volt pump, as well as a fuel fill neck, drain fittings, baffles, a manual site gauge, rollover valve and mounting tabs. These tanks come with stainless steel locks and are impervious to rust. 


Auxiliary/Transfer Fuel Tanks

A combination of an auxiliary and transfer tank brings the benefits of both tanks together. Configured to fit your vehicle, an auxiliary/transfer fuel tank works with your truck to ensure an increased amount of fuel on extended trips, long days on the construction site, or a full day on the water. 

If you’re really looking for convenience, RDS also offers auxiliary tank and toolbox combinations. This is ideal for work on a construction site. You can store and access all your tools, while having the fuel you need for equipment—or even to top off a generator. An auxiliary tank combo can streamline the work process and make your work more efficient and effective. 

If you’d like to make your work and adventures a little more convenient with less hassle, consider auxiliary and transfer tanks.

You’ll save time, money, and effort with all the tank options mentioned above. 

If you aren’t sure exactly which type of tank is the best fit, come into LINE-X of Savannah and our knowledgeable staff will walk you through all the options. 


With all the aftermarket accessories out there, sometimes it’s hard to know which ones will give you the best bang for your buck.

At LINE-X of Savannah, we can help make the tough decisions easier.

We’ve selected some of our favorite truck accessories and we’re pretty sure you’ll fall in love with them too.


LINE-X Bedliner

There is nothing you can do to better protect your truck than a LINE-X spray on bedliner. A LINE-X bedliner creates a permanent bond to give your truck impact and abrasion protection without cracking, bubbling, or peeling. LINE-X bedliners dampen sound and absorb impact. They are also completely customizable and come with a lifetime warranty.

Not just for truck beds - If you can think it, we can spray it!
CAMLocker Toolbox



Toolboxes are one of the most popular accessories for a reason: most people need a place to store smaller loose tools. CamLocker and UWSTA make toolboxes that can handle anything. These toolboxes are made of high-quality aluminum and are extremely durable. A toolbox is the perfect place to house your tools, ropes, and equipment.



Sometimes there’s nothing more frustrating than a disordered truck bed. Tangled tools and gear will make a mess of your truck bed and damage its contents. That’s exactly where a deck system can help. Decked systems easily organize your truck bed, streamlining projects and ensuring the safety of your bed and accessories. They are secure, weatherproof, and easy to customize. Whatever the size of your truck bed, a Decked system offers maximum organization and safety. 



Bed slides make it easy to access your truck bed and BEDSLIDE brand bed slides are some of the best out there. You won’t need to climb up into your truck bed or remove the tonneau cover to get to your gear. As the name suggests, bed slides give you the capability to slide the contents of your truck bed to you.


Bed Covers

Protecting your truck bed and everything inside is essential. At LINE-X of Savannah, we’ve got you covered with vinyl or hard, trifold, retractable, or hinged bed covers. Our favorite brands include BAK Industries, Retrax, RollNLock, and UnderCover.

RetraxONE MX Bed Cover
Ranch Hand Grille Guard


Grille Guard

Grille guards protect the front end of your vehicle from damage in case of an accident or incidental scratches and dents when you’re on the road or out in nature. Plus, grille guards will protect your vehicle from collisions with animals. You can’t go wrong with a grille guard from Ranch Hand or Westin Automotive. 


Lift or Leveling Kit

Lift and leveling kits will give you extra space above your wheel well and raise you high enough to get over anything in your path. Lift and level kits are ideal for providing the stance you are looking for or for off-roading adventures. We are also proud to offer Rough Country, Ready Lift, and BDS lift kits because they are of the highest quality. Let us help you achieve the perfect suspension for your truck. 

Rough Country 6" Lift Kit
Ranch Hand Grille Guard


Floor Mats, Window Visors, CupFone

Some of the best accessories are for your truck’s interior. When it comes to the inside of your truck, you can’t beat Weather Tech. Weather Tech floor mats will protect your interior no matter what you track inside. 

Window visors can keep the elements from coming inside the cab when you need the window down. 

And a CupFone will ensure you can safely access your phone and keep connected while you drive.


Tri-ball Hitches, Goosenecks, 5th Wheels 

You can’t haul a trailer without a high-quality hitch. B&W offers some of the best hitches on the market. Whether you need a tri-ball, gooseneck, or 5th wheel hitch, we’ll have what you need no matter what vehicle you drive. With the right hitch, you can tow any trailer at the correct level with the correct capacity.

B&W Trailer Hitches
Fuel Offroad Triton 20X9 Wheels /// Falken Tire Wildpeak AT Tires


Tires & Wheels

When it comes to tires and wheels, we have a wide variety to choose from—and it’s important you get the right ones for your truck. Tires and wheels do more than change the look of your truck, they increase performance. Wheels and tires need to match the vehicle and usage. We stock and install tires and wheels for highway driving to off-roading.

At LINE-X of Savannah, our staff and technicians are ready to help you find the accessories that are the best for you and your truck!

We carry the brands we’ve mentioned here and many more. Whatever you need, we’ve got it!


Trucks and vans are hardworking vehicles that help you get all your jobs done.

But the right accessories can make your truck or van even better—and the job easier.

At LINE-X of Savannah, we recommend checking out ladder racks, shelving, and partitions to help your trucks and vans perform at their best.


Ladder Racks

Why are ladder racks such a valuable accessory for your truck or van?

Let’s go over some of the benefits of ladder racks. A ladder rack:

Kargo Master has a line of ladder racks to fit any type of job and style of truck or van.




What exactly can shelving do for you? Shelving can completely upgrade your van. Adding shelving to your work van will make such a difference that you’ll be wondering how you ever got by without it! Shelving does all the following:

We love Kargo Master shelving to get your van in order.



Partitions give you the ability to separate spaces in your van. Additionally, you can heat specific areas in a van without the expense of heating areas where passengers don’t sit.

When considering partitions, there are four types to look at: solid, perforated, hinged, and wire mesh. Let’s take a minute to compare the options:

Renault Kangoo 1.3 TCe. Maximum variable utility vehicle. Variab

At LINE-X of Savannah, we can help you find the best accessories to get your trucks and vans ready to work.

We can help you get organized and make the job easier! Come visit us today!


We talk a lot about aftermarket accessories for performance, but we can’t forget about the interior of your vehicle.

Custom seat covers will protect the inside of your car, truck, JEEP, or SUV from damage, stains, and everyday wear and tear. Custom seat covers provide the perfect fit every time, making keeping your vehicle clean a breeze, and offer unparalleled comfort.

At LINE-X of Savannah, we highly recommend custom seat covers and we’ve got the experience to know just which covers are the best. We want to share that insider knowledge with you. These are our top choices for seat covers:



Marathon make some of the best heavy-duty custom seat covers out there. Made from genuine Cordura Nylon fabric, these covers are available in a wide range of colors and prints. This is the toughest fabric out there and it is perfect for high-traffic areas. Marathon seat covers are treated to be 100% waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about rain, snow, or wet conditions. And these covers aren’t only about performance, they look amazing too. You’ll get full coverage without any wrinkling or sagging. 



Ruff Tuff

Ruff Tuff seat covers offer a variety of fabrics so you can choose the best for your needs. Available in an array of patterns, you’re sure to find the best option for your lifestyle and preference. Ruff Tuff seat covers are durable and provide a great fit. You can choose from several cover options, including headrest and armrest covers, front and rear pockets, removable pistol pockets, and hard console lid covers. With Ruff Tuff, you’ll also get amazing customer service. 



Covercraft also makes seat covers in a wide variety of fabrics and prints. If you’re looking for tough, their work truck covers are just what you need. If luxury seat covers are more your speed, they’ve got those too. Or maybe your canine companion is frequently your co-pilot—Covercraft makes seat covers specifically designed to protect from man’s best friend. Precision fit, waterproof, stain resistant, and resilient, Covercraft seat covers are sure to have exactly what you’re looking for.



Rough Country

Rough Country Neoprene seats are the ultimate in protection. Neoprene is durable and can stand up against anything. Rough Country seat covers are easy to install, fit snuggly, and will protect your vehicle’s interior from the elements. Waterproof, heat resistant, and non-flammable—what more could want?



Sometimes custom seat covers aren’t enough to get the job done and a total seat replacement is necessary. Or maybe you’re just ready for an interior upgrade. When a seat replacement is what you want, we suggest you take a look at Katzkin. Professionally installed and customizable, these seats are pure luxury.  You can transform your ride today—upgrading is easy! Katzkin can give you the interior of your dreams. 

Custom seat covers can instantly upgrade your vehicle’s interior.

Nothing can change the look and function of your ride more easily than the right seat covers.

 At LINE-X of Savannah, we can help you choose the perfect seat covers. Whether you’re more interested in looks or performance, we’ve got you covered!


If you’re a JEEP owner, you know customizing your JEEP is a big part of the fun.

Basically, a JEEP is the ultimate toy for an adult. JEEPers change up their ride and install aftermarket accessories until their JEEP is perfect.

At LINE-X of Savannah, we love helping JEEP owners find the right aftermarket accessories. Our knowledgeable staff can help you navigate the wide world of JEEP accessories. Where should you start? Here’s what we suggest:


LINE-X Interior & Exterior

LINE-X spray is the very best way to protect your JEEP—inside and out—especially when off-roading. Mud, rock chips, and scratches won’t stand a chance. LINE-X will keep your JEEP clean, protect it from rust and abrasions, and is completely customizable. And the best part? You can LINE-X the interior and exterior of your JEEP for ultimate protection!



Lift Kit

A lift kit will definitely improve your off-roading experience. A lift kit will raise the front and rear of your JEEP, allowing for bigger wheels and tires. Plus, a lift kit gives more power and crawl ability. We’ve got lift kits from top brands like BDS, Rough Country, Zone and Fab Tech.


Tires & Wheels

Tires and wheels are two aftermarket accessories that can upgrade your JEEP’s performance and improve the ride. The best type of tires for your JEEP will depend on where you drive your JEEP. We can help you determine the best tires for your lifestyle so you can get the most out of your JEEP. And don’t forget the wheels. Adjust vehicle stance and suspension with wheels. Plus, they look incredible!



Bumper with a Winch

If you’ve ever gone off-roading without a winch, you’ve probably regretted not having one! Don’t get in a tight spot again. A bumper with a winch can solve your problems. With an integrated winch, your options are endless. Most bumper winch combos are easy to install and can get you out of a variety of difficult situations. SmittyBilt and Super Winch have some great options for your front or rear bumper.


Step Bars

Step bars make getting in an out of your JEEP a ton easier—especially if you’ve lifted your ride. They can also protect the sides of your JEEP when off-roading. Step bars come in an assortment of types, sizes, and materials to help you find the perfect fit to raise your JEEP to the next level.




Lights are a fun way to change the look and function of your JEEP. If you’re looking for a splash of color, Oracle color headlights are just what you need. They come in an array of colors and designs. You can also change the look of your JEEP from the back with a rear tire brake light. They look awesome and increase safety. And don’t forget the wheels! Oracle LED wheel rings will completely customize your JEEP and brighten up your nights.


Replacement Top

Are you looking to change the style and function of your JEEP top? Switching from soft to hard, or vice versa? Or maybe replacing your top is a must for safety? Don’t worry. We can get your JEEP fitted with the right top in no time. 



Tonneaus and Camper Tops for Gladiators

A cross between a JEEP and a truck, the Gladiator is the perfect combination of off-roading fun and hauling capacity. And that means you get to choose between the awesome aftermarket accessories for JEEPs and trucks! We highly recommend a top or tonneau for your Gladiator. The LEER top is a great choice. It features frameless twist out windows with screens, a curved rear door with gas props, insulated roof, rotary latching system, and paint finish matching options. 



Whether you’re an Apple user or you prefer an Android, you can enjoy compatibility between your phone and your radio. While some newer JEEP models come with Carplay, many older models don’t include this upgrade. But, lucky for you, that’s not a problem. If you want your phone to interface with your radio, we can help you find a compatible radio so you’ll have all the tech you need. 



Keep your JEEP looking great even in the messiest conditions. Muddy shoes, snow, and dirt won’t be a problem. WeatherTech’s custom floor liners offer the perfect fit and extreme interior protection. 

All Weather Floor Mats
These floor mats are designed to offer the best possible protection for your JEEP’s floor. All Weather Floor Mats have deeply sculpted channels made to trap water, road salt, mud, sand, and anything else you track into your car. Plus, these mats are made to withstand the coldest temperatures while remaining flexible. 

Custom Fit Cargo Liners
When protecting your interior, you can’t forget about the back of your JEEP. Cargo liners are laser cut for a perfect fit. A raised lip keeps spills in the mat and your cargo space clean. WeatherTech cargo liners are tough, durable, and look great.


Let’s have some fun customizing your JEEP with aftermarket accessories until it’s perfect!


Brown paper packages tied up with string? Sure. Just as long as there are vehicle accessories inside!

As we look back on the last year at LINE-X of Savannah, we’d like to share some of our favorite things with our loyal customers. Aftermarket accessories can take your ride to the next level.

Customize your vehicle with some of these amazing options:

    1. LINE-X Spray-On Bedliner has to be at the top of our “favorites” list. Nothing can do more for your vehicle than LINE-X. LINE-X offers supreme protection for your truck bed or vehicle exterior. LINE-X creates a permanent bond to give your truck impact and abrasion protection without cracking, bubbling, or peeling. Our bedliners dampen sound and absorb impact. Plus, these bedliners are completely customizable and come with a lifetime warranty.


    1. CAM Locker Toolboxes – We love these toolboxes!  If you’re a truck owner, you’re always hauling things around.  You need a place to store smaller tools and items that slide around the truck bed. CAM Locker toolboxes solve that problem. They are made of high-quality aluminum and are extremely durable. You can’t find a toolbox with better styling or dependability than a CAM Locker toolbox.  Made in the USA, a CAM Locker toolbox is the perfect place to house your tools, ropes, and equipment.


    1. Level or Lift Kits – If you need added clearance for your truck, a level or lift kit is the solution. The right level or lift kit will raise your truck to get the clearance you need, making uneven and rocky terrain harmless. With the added height and performance of some of our favorite brands like Zone and BDS your truck will perform to perfection. 


    1. Tires and Wheels – Tires and wheels do more than change the look of your truck. It’s important to get the right wheels and tires for your vehicle and where you drive it. We stock and install tires and wheels for highway driving to off-roading. Whether you need your tires and wheels to withstand tough impact or intense use—or maybe you just want to make a statement—we can find the perfect tires and wheels for your vehicle.  


    1. LEER Tonneau Covers or Camper Tops -LEER is one of the most trusted brands in the industry and they’ve earned that reputation. Whether you are in the market for a rolling, folding, retractable, or fiberglass cover, you can be confident you’re getting the best with a LEER cover.


    1. Interior Accessories -Really, we can help you find any accessory you need for your vehicle. Some of our absolute favorite interior accessories include WeatherTech floor mats, Marathon seat covers, and Tuffy storage boxes. 


    1. Lighting – The right lighting makes such a difference when you’re driving at night. You can light up your grille, bumpers, and truck bed. Looking for emergency or strobe lights? We can help you there too. We love lights by Southern Lite LED!


    1. Electronic equipment – Ram mounts are a must for your vehicle. A Ram Mount will keep your electronics organized and where you can safely see and reach them. You can keep your eyes on the road and never miss a beat.


These are just a few of our favorite things and we’re sure they’ll be some of your favorites too! Come on into LINE-X of Savannah and we’ll help you choose the best options for your car, truck, JEEP, or SUV.