At LINE-X of Savannah, we love our customers!

Every day, customers trust us with one of their most valuable possessions–their truck or vehicle. We know what a big investment a vehicle can be. We love helping you make important decisions for your car, truck, JEEP, SUV or UTV.  If you’ve been into our shop, you know we stock the best products, employ knowledgeable staff and have a highly trained installation crew. That’s because we want the best for you!

Our customers are our No. 1 priority. We would like to say thank you for choosing LINE-X of Savannah to spray and accessorize your vehicle. As our way of showing our appreciation, we are offering everyone 50% off the cost of UV protection when you have your vehicle sprayed with LINE-X.

LINE-X means tough! When you have your vehicle sprayed with a coat of LINE-X, you can be confident that your most valuable possession will be protected. LINE-X spray-on bedliners resist staining, prevent leaks and create a permanent bond. Plus, you can completely customize your LINE-X spray by choosing any color you want. You’ll customize your LINE-X spray-on bedliner even more when you take advantage of our May promotion and provide the ultimate safeguard for your bedliner with UV protection. And it’s not just your truck bed that can benefit from a LINE-X spray, we can spray anything from JEEPs to UTVs to boats!

Let us show our appreciation for our customers’ loyalty and come in anytime until the end of May to receive this amazing promotion.

Again, from all of us at LINE-X of Savannah, thank you!

*Promotion is good through May 31, 2021


You’ve done your research.

You know a toolbox offers safety and security for your tools, the ability to organize your truck bed, and streamlined style.

You’ve checked out the various types of toolboxes: crossover, side mount, and chest. You’ve got a pretty good idea what you want, you just need to pick the right one.

That’s where LINE-X of Savannah can help. We carry the top brands and can walk you through what they each have to offer.


It’s no surprise that we get a lot of interest in CAMLocker toolboxes from our customers. As one of the most reputable manufacturers of aftermarket accessories, CAMLocker products are high quality and high performing. Specifically, CAMLocker toolboxes feature carbon steel CAM-locks, heavy gauge aluminum, and intense strength. These toolboxes are easy to get into so you can retrieve tools and items effortlessly. But ease of use doesn’t mean weakness. CAMLocker lids can support up to 300 lbs of pressure. All CamLocker toolboxes come with carbon steel, chrome plated T handles, felt-lined boxes, and insulated lids.

CAMLocker’s toolboxes are full of style, security, and dependability. With over 30 years of experience manufacturing toolboxes, CAMLocker has become an industry leader and a highly trusted name in toolboxes. CAMLocker manufactures crossover, chest, side mount boxes. You can check out the specs of each box here: https://camlocker.com/


UWS toolboxes are another secure storage solution for your truck bed. UWS toolboxes are made in the USA and are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. These toolboxes feature UWS’s patented RigidCore lid, durable aluminum construction, and convenient access from both sides of your vehicle.

UWS also offers a variety of different boxes. Need an ATV or UTV box? They’ve got ‘em! UWS UTV and ATV boxes make it easy for you to take your equipment along on all your adventures. Featuring vehicle-specific hardware for UTVs and universal storage boxes for ATVs, UWS has you covered.

Sometimes your cargo is a little more precious than tools or equipment. That’s right, if man’s best friend needs to join you on the road, we can get you set up with a UWS dog box that will fit securely in the bed of your truck.

With a wide range of products, you’re sure to find the solution to all your box needs from UWS. You can research UWS tool and other boxes here: https://www.uwsta.com/


A Weather Guard truck box means two things: quality construction and durability. Weather Guard toolboxes are a favorite among professionals—and it’s easy to see why. Strong, durable construction means you never have to worry about your tools. Once you’ve locked your tools safely away in a Weather Guard box, you can be confident they are safe from theft or damage.

Weather Guard also offers a variety of box choices–but even with larger sized toolboxes, you’ll still have room in your truck bed for other supplies and equipment. Long lasting and proven quality make it easy to see why these toolboxes are so popular. You can get more details on specific boxes here: https://www.weatherguard.com/products/truck-tool-boxes-equipment/boxes?page=1#pf-filters=spec:cat/Truck%20Boxes


Known as the “re-tooled toolbox,” Decked’s new truck toolbox with a ladder is a game changer. If you’re tired of crawling in and out of your truck bed to get to your tools and equipment, this just might be the toolbox for you. Decked has developed a toolbox that includes an integrated step ladder that easily pulls out and drops to the ground. The ladder takes up minimal space and telescopes closed inside the box.

A ladder isn’t the only great thing about Decked toolboxes. These toolboxes won’t ding, dent, or rust. Additionally, Decked toolboxes are waterproof. Because they are not welded, you get a seamless seal that lets nothing inside. A Decked toolbox not only keeps water out, it also keeps thieves out. Advertised as the most secure toolbox on the market, Decked toolboxes are even strong enough to keep a crowbar out.

Check out videos and more information about this revolutionary tool box here: https://decked.com/products/decked-tool-box. And stay tuned to find out all about Decked’s new toolbox–to be released in July!

As you can see, when it comes to high-quality and reliable toolboxes, you’ve got options. At LINE-X of Savannah, we can help you decide on the right toolbox for your truck—and get it installed in no time!


It’s Time to Hit the Beach in your JEEP!

Summer is just around the corner! LINE-X of Savannah can help you get your JEEP beach-ready so you can hit the road to the coast and enjoy the sun.

But as fun as the beach is, we all know it can be tough on your vehicle. JEEPs are meant for all types of terrain, but that doesn’t mean the sand, sun and sea won’t take its toll.

So how do you protect your JEEP? We’ve got some tips:

The best thing you can do for your JEEP is to protect it with LINE-X.

By spraying the interior with a layer of LINE-X, you will protect your JEEP from wear and tear and color fading. LINE-X is tough and durable and includes UV protection to guard against fading from the sun. We can spray your JEEP with the standard black color, which is a popular choice, or color match and customize the color to your exact specifications.

By applying a coating of LINE-X to the interior of your JEEP, you’ll never have to worry about being careful when loading beach equipment again. Nothing is tougher than LINE-X! Plus, at the end of a fantastic beach day, you can simply spray the sand, salt water and dirt away with a garden hose. No more spending hours trying to vacuum out tiny grains of sand from the carpet. Simply rinse and go!

LINE-X isn’t only the perfect choice to protect your JEEP’s interior, it is also ideal for protecting the exterior too! You can have the entire exterior of your JEEP sprayed or just specific areas from the bumpers to the top. If you want to add LINE-X to your JEEP, it is imperative that you take your vehicle to our highly trained technicians. This is no DIY project. LINE-X of Savannah is the right choice for expert application.

In addition to the interior and exterior of your JEEP, we can also apply a rust inhibitor to the undercarriage that will prevent rust from spreading. We also suggest an asphalt product that will protect it from salt water and anything else that comes its way.

During a day of fun in the sun, you might want a little shade now and then.

We can help you find the perfect top for your JEEP, whether you’re looking for a little shade or complete coverage. From hard to soft, we’ll help you choose the right top and get it perfectly installed on your JEEP.

You’ve got to have somewhere to load your beach gear when you hit the road.

Come in and find a roof rack that can hold beach chairs, umbrellas and everything else you need. Add style and function with the perfect roof rack for your JEEP.

Before you spend your days on the sand, come into LINE-X of Savannah and get everything required to ensure your summer will be worry free.

We can get your JEEP prepped with a perfectly applied coat of LINE-X. We’ll also install all the accessories you need for memorable days at the beach. From tops to seat covers and more, LINE-X of Savannah can take care of everything while you relax on the coast!


At LINE-X of Savannah, we can show you the light!

Lights are perhaps one of the most drastic changes you can make to your truck, JEEP, SUV or UTV and can completely change the functionality and look of your vehicle.

We’ve got a wide range of light possibilities and we’ll help you get the right light set to enhance your ride and all your excursions. 

If you’re unsure of what types of lights are available, take a look at some of the following options we can set you up with:


Grille lights offer the most front-end lighting. Whether you’re working at night or having a late-night barbeque, grille lights are a must. We can install lights and light bars on your grille or grille guards.  If you’re looking for a little less intense light-perhaps for hunting-bumper lights are probably a better option for you. Let us help you light up your truck bed as well. Perfect for camping, truck bed lighting makes finding gear in the back of your truck easy.


When you’re thinking of installing lights on your vehicle the wheel wells might not be your first consideration, but few lighting options make more of a statement. We can help you find wheel well lights in a variety of colors and configurations to completely customize your ride.


Another way to enhance your vehicle with lighting is by installing under glows. Similar to wheel well lights, under glows let your personality shine. Under glows not only customize your JEEP, truck or SUV, but they also increase safety by lighting up the area beneath your vehicle. Again, you personalize your vehicle’s under glows by choosing the color and the amount of light you want. Plus, you can easily turn on and off your under glows whenever you choose.


Often attached to emergency vehicles, strobe lights suggest caution to surrounding vehicles. Whether installed on farming machines or construction vehicles, strobe lights provide a warning to keep people safe.


Similar to strobe lights, emergency lights also keep people out of danger. We can install emergency lights to the top of cabs on a variety of commercial vehicles from emergency vehicles to maintenance trucks.


There is a wide selection when it comes to boat lighting and we can help you get the perfect lighting for your boat. From cabin lights to docking lights to navigation lights—and everything in between—we’ve got your lighting needs covered. We can help you select the perfect lights and get everything installed on your boat so you’re ready to hit the water in safety and style.


If you’ve already installed lights on your vehicle, we can assist you with replacement LED headlights and taillights. For headlight bulb replacement, we recommend ARC Lighting-TinyMONSTER Concept replacement. Or, if you prefer Putco brand, we can help you there too. Putco manufactures several lighting choices to ensure you’ve got exactly what you need.

Whether you’re considering new lighting options or you need help replacing lights and bulbs, LINE-X of Savannah can light the way.

Our team of experts is here to help you from advice to installation. We will help you select from the best brands available. We stock lights from industry leaders such as Southern lite LED, Rigid Industries and SouthernTruck. So you can rest assured, we’ll get the you the best quality lights to help you on your next project or adventure.


Seat covers might not be the first thing you think of when customizing your vehicle, but custom seat covers are essential for maintaining the interior of your vehicle.

Far superior to ill-fitting, off-the-shelf, seat covers, custom seat covers can totally change the look and performance of your car, truck or SUV. While you cover your seats, we’ll cover you! 

LINE-X of Savannah can help you with all of your custom seat cover needs. The following are just some of the reasons custom seat covers can revolutionize your vehicle:


As the name suggests, custom seat covers are completely customizable. You can choose the exact type of seat covers that work for your life. Custom seat covers come in a range of fabrics from leather to neoprene. With brands like Marathon to Rufftuff and Covercraft, we’ve got an impressive range and selection.

You can also customize your seat covers to fit your recreational needs. We offer a variety of camouflage seat covers for all those hunting excursions.



We’ve all seen those seat covers that are loose and don’t fit right. They actually make a vehicle look worse. That’s not a concern with custom seat covers. You’ll get the right fit for every seat. A perfect fit is just as important as the seat cover material and style. A well-done custom seat cover looks seamless and protects your interior like nothing else can.


Ease into pure comfort with choices of padded or gel seat covers. Take a load off after a long day of work or play with seat covers that are made to put your comfort first.


Comfort and style are definitely motivating factors when looking to purchase custom seat covers, but you can’t overlook the value of maintaining your vehicle’s interior. Seat covers keep dirt, sweat and filth from soiling your vehicle’s seats. They’ll also protect your seats from rips, tears and scratches.


Seat covers are an amazing way to upgrade your commercial fleet.

  • Custom seat covers will prolong the life of your fleet seats, protecting them from wear and tear and saving money on maintenance and upkeep.
  • Your drivers will be happy to settle into upgraded comfort while they’re spending hours on the road.
  • Increase resale value with custom seat covers by keeping vehicle interiors looking pristine.
  • Promote your brand with your custom seat covers. Once you’ve purchased your seat covers, you can have your company’s logo or image sewn onto those seat covers.


Last, but certainly not least, we can’t forget about the unique style you’ll get when you customize your seat covers. Make your ride entirely you with a myriad of seat cover options. Whether you’re into two-tone, leather, sleek or camouflage, custom seat covers will represent you.

As always, LINE-X of Savannah is here to help you with all of your aftermarket needs. Whether you need seat covers, a LINE-X spray-on bedliner, or any of the other high-end parts we offer, we’ll take care of everything you require for your car, truck or SUV. Roll on into LINE-X of Savannah today and we can help you select the very best custom seat covers for your needs and lifestyle.


Why is it that the front bumper of a vehicle seems so fragile?

One small scratch or a bit of contact and you’ve got a permanent reminder that accidents happen. That’s because factory made bumpers are fragile and can’t take a lot of external abuse. Not to worry, at LINE-X of Savannah, we’ve got solutions to this problem. Our technicians can fit your vehicle with bumpers and grill guards to keep your Jeep, truck or SUV looking pristine—and quite a bit cooler. A grille guard is one of the few aftermarket accessories that increases safety and style.

Grille Guards and bumpers protect the front end of your vehicle from damage in case of an accident or incidental scratches and dents from the great outdoors—a great advantage if you off-road. Grille Guards will particularly protect your vehicle from collisions with animals. If you’ve ever driven the backroads, you know the risk of rock chips, branch scratches, or even hitting wildlife—no matter how careful you drive. And if you’ve ever actually hit an animal, you know just how much damage that type of collision can cause. You can protect your truck or SUV from the outdoors, animals, and any other collision.

At LINE-X of Savannah, we stock the top brands to find the best bumpers and grille guards to fit your needs. Here are some of our favorites:


Ranch Hand is one of the most reliable names in bumpers and grille guards. Bumpers are available in four options: grille guard front bumper, bullnose front bumper, smooth steel front bumper, and winch ready front bumper.

Ranch Hand’s Legend Grill Guard provides maximum protection and, as its name suggests, it’s one of the best grille guards on the market.


Westin has a fantastic selection of grille guards and bumpers. Westin offers bumpers and grille guards that will protect your vehicle on all of your off-roading adventures. No matter your style, Westin has a bumper for you.


Fab Fours grille guards and bumpers are the epitome of tough! These rugged bumpers don’t only look strong, they will protect your vehicle from anything mother nature can throw your way. Made of steel, Fab Fours grille guards and bumpers will take care of you and your ride.            

Road Armor

Whether you’re looking for front bumpers, rear bumpers, or winch-bumpers, you can’t go wrong with a Road Armor bumper. Road Armor’s steel bumpers will accentuate the lines and look of your Jeep, truck, or SUV.

For an added level of safety, lights can be added to some bumpers. We can add 6” – 30” light bars, light cubes, light pods, and strobe lights for contractors and first responders. We can upgrade your bumper grille guard with available lighting options from brands such as Southern Lite LED and Rough Country. Choose from light bars—with single or dual light rows–to cube lights to LED marker lights.

Lights aren’t the only available bumper and grille guard upgrades. If you want to increase the utility of your bumper guard, we’ve got optional winches that can be attached to your grille guard. You’ll love the convenience of Warn and Smittybilt winches that the technicians at LINE-X of Savannah can install to your bumper and grille guard. Adding accessories to your bumper or grille guard will enhance your vehicle. And, luckily, grille guards won’t affect other aftermarket accessories you’ve already installed.

Keep your Jeep, truck, or SUV protected and looking great with these bumper and grille guard options. LINE-X of Savannah can take care of all your aftermarket needs. Come visit us today.


Is the height of your truck making it a little difficult to get in and out easily?

Lucky for you, we’ve got solutions for that problem at LINE-X of Savannah.

You’ve got to check out some of the best aftermarket accessories for your new (or well-loved) truck: running boards and side steps. If your truck is high off the ground, you’ll need a boost-either for yourself or others. And we have a variety of options in nerf step bars or running boards to fit you and your truck perfectly. With so many options how do you know which one is right for you?

First, let’s explore the difference between step bars and running boards.


Step bars, also known as nerf bars, act as a lower step to help you get up into—and out of–your truck or SUV. A step bar is a single bar made of either aluminum or steel and typically runs the length of the cabin. To help you make your choice, review the following step bar features:

  • Can be mounted low for easier access
  • Streamlined appearance
  • Great option for off-roading
  • Side protection for your truck or SUV
  • Rounded shape prevents ice and snow buildup


Running boards are better for higher vehicles and will give you the added height you need for increased clearance. Running boards also let you customize your truck and can really amp up your truck’s appearance. We carry several styles and options when it comes to running boards. You can choose the shape and style. We can even install lighted running boards to your truck or SUV.

  • Flatter and wider stepping surface
  • Keeps vehicle interior clean by providing wiping surface
  • Variety of shapes and sizes
  • Easy installation
  • Helps protect doors
  • Changes vehicle appearance
  • Available in lighted and retractable options


If side steps and running boards aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, AMP Research steps are an innovative alternative to the standard step or running board. If you’re interested in the convenience of a step but prefer not to alter the look of your truck, AMP Research steps are the perfect choice. AMP Research steps are discreet retractable power steps that come out when you need them and tuck back under your truck when you don’t. With AMP Research steps, your truck maintains a streamlined look while also providing a durable step with high traction. Plus, these steps come with optional lights for added safety.

Whatever choice is best for you, running boards and side steps act as a ladder to help you get into your vehicle.

At LINE-X of Savannah, we can answer all your questions about running boards and side steps. Once you’ve made your choice, our knowledgeable staff will help you choose from the best brands and options. We carry step options from AMP Research to Westin and we’ll ensure you get high-quality, sturdy and dependable side steps and running boards. Plus, this useful addition can really upgrade the look of your truck or SUV. Come visit our shop and you’ll drive out with the best step solution to fit your needs and lifestyle.


It’s been a hectic year for everyone.

Maybe it’s time to get away from everything and enjoy the solitude only nature can provide. Let’s do a walk-through of some of our favorite products to make your camping excursion easy, fun and relaxing.

LEER Roof Top Tent

You’ve thrown your gear in the back of your truck. You’re ready to hit the road, right? Well, maybe. Do you want to spend time setting up a tent with a ground tarp, stakes, and all the hassle? This is supposed to be relaxing! Your best bet is to get a LEER Roof Top tent. Camping couldn’t be easier and more enjoyable with a roof top tent. Made from rip-stop Poly/cotton and a water-resistant ventilated coating, you don’t’ have to worry about the weather. You’ll get a great view of your surroundings, ditch the hassle of a ground tent, and be out of the reach of any animals. And if you choose to have company on your adventure, you’ve got room for two other campers in this tent.


So now you’re all set to get on your way. But do you have an air mattress? Let’s face it, a truck bed gets very uncomfortable pretty fast. You’ll want to make sure you’ve packed a high-quality air bed for your vehicle. Airbedz fit mid and full-sized truck beds in long and short layouts. The heavy-duty material ensures you won’t have to deal with punctures or tears. Contoured sides provide a perfect fit around the wheel wells, making the entire bed is a sleeping area. Airbedz feature a built-in rechargeable pump–so if you need a little more (or less) air, you can adjust air pressure with the flip of a switch. And with an integrated air coil system, you’ll get the perfect night’s sleep under the stars.

Rough Country Portable Refrigerator

Now you’re ready. Hit the road and drive to your favorite secluded spot. Once you’ve arrived, you’ll probably want to grab a cold drink out of your Rough Country portable refrigerator. You can plug this cooler right into your vehicle and control the temperature. Split compartments keep your food separated and an airtight seal keeps everything cold and fresh. And with a built-in LED light, there’s no fumbling around in the dark. Plus, you’ll enjoy piece of mind with Rough Country’s one-year warranty.

Decked truck bed storage system

After a restful sleep in the quiet of the outdoors, you’re no doubt ready for some adventure. And whatever outing you choose, a Decked truck bed storage system will keep everything organized and easy to find. You can access all your gear and outdoor equipment in the smooth-rolling drawers with ease—no more digging in your truck bed. Decked systems are durable and water resistant. Plus, the drawers can hold up to 200lbs of weight. Additional built in features such as rulers, bottle openers and conversion charts make Decked systems not only reliable, but extremely helpful.

With these awesome accessories, your truck is all set with everything you need to make this camping adventure fun, relaxing and memorable.

At LINE-X of Savannah, we can make this dream overnight camping trip a reality. Come on in and pick up your truck tent, Airbedz, portable refrigerator, Decked system and more! We have hundreds of aftermarket accessories to choose from and we can install it all for you. LINE-X of Savannah is here to take care of all your vehicle needs!


As we look forward to the new year at LINE-X of Savannah, we wanted to take another look at some of our favorite LINE-X applications and accessory installations of 2020.

Let these amazing projects inspire you and make 2021 the Year of the Truck. 

Check out just some of these available options and you too can make your truck perform even better this year!


This 2020 Dodge Ram 1500 received all kinds of upgrades. We installed all the following accessories to this bad boy:

  • Rough Country Leveling Kit
  • Fuel Off-Road Wheels
  • Falken WildPeak Tires
  • Matrix Front and Premium Rear Bumper from Fab Fours Bumpers
  • A Smittybilt Wireless Winch
  • Rough Country 30” Light Bar
  • 80 Watt Cube Floodlights from Southern Lite LED


For part of this project we installed a Body Armor 4×4 Overland Rack. We also installed a Southern Lite LED 50” Light Bar. And to really get this ride amped up, we applied a LINE-X application on the Body Armor Roof Basket, fender flares, front and rear bumpers, inner fenders and steps. As you can see, the results are amazing.


A 2020 JEEP Gladiator is always fun to amp up. For this particular JEEP, we applied a LINE-X spray on bedliner. We also installed a Rough Country 2.5” lift and fit the JEEP with Fuel Offroad wheels and Toyo tires. In addition, we set this Gladiator up with a TeraFlex tire mount kit.


We can also take care of your business vehicles! Our work on this fleet of trucks was one of our favorites this year. Just take a look at the options we installed on this business fleet:


At LINE-X of Savannah, we love a vintage vehicle. We can take your old friend to the next level while maintaining its vintage charm. Take a look what this LINE-X application did for this 1981 Ford F100.


Sometimes our favorite projects don’t necessarily include vehicles! This year, LINE-X of Savannah had a great time treating the staff of Frances Meeks Elementary School to a homemade Boston Butt lunch during their pre-planning days for the 2020-2021 school year.


Your vehicle can make a statement. What better way to do that than with a little color?! We love to spray truck beds with LINE-X in color and can offer custom color options in any shade. Plus, our LINE-X spray on bedliner is treated with UV protectant so that color won’t fade.


This brand new 2020 Ram 1500 got a lot of lighting love in our shop. After a LINE-X spray on bedliner, we installed a Flood LED Head Lamp from Southern Lite LED and a 50” LED Light Bar from ARC Lighting. Last we installed Power Steps from AMP Research with lights from Zroadz Dynamic LED Mounting Solutions.


We got this JEEP JK Unlimited ready for any off-road adventure with Blue Snake Lights and Mini Kick Lights from Southern Lite LED. And for that rugged terrain, we installed Body Armor 4×4 Front and Rear Doors.


Finally, we set this 2020 Ford F250 up with a variety of aftermarket accessories. We installed the following items on this killer truck:

At LINE-X of Savannah, we love the opportunity to serve you and take on all your projects. Whatever your dream, we can make it a reality. Come see us and let us transform your vehicle for 2021!


We are excited to announce the opening of our new store in Hinesville in 2021!

Liberty LINE-X will provide many of the same services and products we offer at LINE-X of Savannah. You’ll also get the same exceptional quality and service you’ve become used to at our Savannah store. Whatever you need, we’re here for you.

Take a look at some of the services we’ll provide at Liberty LINE-X:


If you want the best bedliner on the market, you need a spray-on bedliner from LINE-X. Our bedliners provide a permanent bond and protect your truck bed from scratches, corrosion, leaks and rust. A LINE-X spray-on bedliner is UV resistant and won’t fade or crack under the sun’s intense rays. You can choose any color you want for your truck’s bedliner and our spray-on bedliners are backed by a lifetime warranty!


We can customize your vehicle to perfection. Whether it’s tires, wheels or lift-kits, we carry everything you need to ensure your vehicle is exactly what you want. Your ride says a lot about you; let us help you tailor your vehicle to work for your life. Your vehicle has got to perform the way you need it to—and that’s why you need LINE-X. Liberty LINE-X or LINE-X of Savannah can supply all the gear–and perform all the work–you need to have your vehicle running perfectly.


And nothing customizes your vehicle more than accessories. At either one of our LINE-X stores, we can install a variety or accessories from the top brands. We offer a wide range of aftermarket accessories that will work perfectly your lifestyle. Looking for lights? We’ve got you covered! We offer the best aftermarket lights from the best brands. In the market for an impressive set of wheels? You’ve come to the right place! We’ll find you the right set of wheels that deliver performance and style. Heading off-roading and needing the right tires? We’ve got a wide selection of tires for every terrain! Need higher clearance? We can install a lift or level kit that’s perfect for all your adventures!


Our services aren’t only for personal vehicles, we can outfit your commercial vehicles too! We will get your commercial fleet functioning at a more efficient level while minimizing downtime. We can fit your fleet with ladder racks, shelving, backup cameras, lighting, toppers and so much more! Plus, we can apply spray-on bedliners to your truck beds or vehicle interiors.

As you can see, we’re ready to help you with all your vehicle needs! We love our customers and we’re ready to work for you in an efficient and friendly manner. Of course, you’ll always get the high level of expertise you’ve come to expect from LINE-X of Savannah.

We all know two is better than one, so come check out our new store, LIBERTY LINE-X, in Hinesville. More information on our LIBERTY LINE-X store grand opening date and time to follow. Make sure to check back for our grand opening promotions! We hope to see you there!