If you can’t fit all the cargo you need inside your vehicle, it might be time for a roof rack.

Roof racks enable you to haul extra bags, bulky items, sporting goods, an equipment. Whether you’re packing your surfboard up for time at the beach or a bike for a day of adventure, a roof rack can get your gear safely to your destination.

But what types of roof racks are available and how you know which roof rack will suit your needs? Here are some roof rack suggestions and options to consider when deciding on the best choice for your lifestyle.


What are you transporting?

First things first, what are you transporting? Really think about what you need to haul with your roof rack. Consider the sizes and shapes of what you will transport. Do you need a rack for specific sporting goods?

Determine how much weight you want to haul.

You want to make sure you have a rack that can securely hold the weight of your items. Every type of vehicle can manage a specific amount of weight. You want to make sure you don’t overload your vehicle. The weight of your combined items should not equal more than your vehicle’s weight. Additionally, sun and moon roofs can impact how much your vehicle can support. 

Check the roof situation.

Some vehicles leave the manufacturer with rails and crossbars attached. Some require those accessories to be installed after purchase. If your vehicle doesn’t have the right set up for the roof rack you want, LINE-X of Savannah can get your vehicle ready for a roof rack. 

Pick your rack!

Okay, we’ve covered the technical stuff. It’s time to pick your roof rack! 


Cargo Bag

Cargo bags are an affordable option for additional space. They come in durable and waterproof materials to completely protect your cargo. Cargo bags attach right to the roof of your vehicle and are easy to install and remove. You don’t need a rack, crossbars, or rail. 

Cargo Box

A cargo box is a more durable option than a cargo bag. Not only will your cargo be protected from the elements, but the strong plastic keeps your gear safe from impact as well.

 Additionally, a cargo box can be locked to protect from theft. You’ll get more storage space and weight capacity. A cargo box requires roof installation. 

Cargo Basket

Cargo baskets offer versatility that you can’t get from a bag or box. You can transport objects of various shapes and sizes in a cargo basket. Large items can easily be secured with cords and straps.

A cargo basket is specifically good for outdoor gear. One thing to remember is that you have to secure all cargo. Plus, a basket attaches to rails installed on the roof of your car. 

Bike Rack

There are different vehicle bike rack options from trunk racks to hitch racks. But we’re focusing on roof racks.

If you’re a serious biker, this rack is probably your best bet. Installed on crossbars, a roof bike rack is strong and will keep your bikes secure.

Canoe or Kayak Rack

If you love to go out on the water in a canoe or kayak, you understand how difficult it can be to get these bulky items from the garage to the water.

A canoe or kayak rack is an essential accessory. A rack is much simpler than pulling a trailer behind you. Just remember to tie down your canoe or kayak!

Ski and Snowboard Rack

When it’s ski/snowboard season, you need to get to the slopes fast! You don’t want to throw expensive skis and snowboards into the car.

Protect your gear and transport it easily with a ski and snowboard rack. If you are an avid skier or snowboarder, this type of rack is a must! They are safe, efficient, and affordable. 

Don’t delay your adventures any longer!

At LINE-X of Savannah, we will skillfully install your roof rack and get you on your way. A roof rack will make your travels much easier and less stressful!

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