Is the height of your truck making it a little difficult to get in and out easily?

Lucky for you, we’ve got solutions for that problem at LINE-X of Savannah.

You’ve got to check out some of the best aftermarket accessories for your new (or well-loved) truck: running boards and side steps. If your truck is high off the ground, you’ll need a boost-either for yourself or others. And we have a variety of options in nerf step bars or running boards to fit you and your truck perfectly. With so many options how do you know which one is right for you?

First, let’s explore the difference between step bars and running boards.


Step bars, also known as nerf bars, act as a lower step to help you get up into—and out of–your truck or SUV. A step bar is a single bar made of either aluminum or steel and typically runs the length of the cabin. To help you make your choice, review the following step bar features:

  • Can be mounted low for easier access
  • Streamlined appearance
  • Great option for off-roading
  • Side protection for your truck or SUV
  • Rounded shape prevents ice and snow buildup


Running boards are better for higher vehicles and will give you the added height you need for increased clearance. Running boards also let you customize your truck and can really amp up your truck’s appearance. We carry several styles and options when it comes to running boards. You can choose the shape and style. We can even install lighted running boards to your truck or SUV.

  • Flatter and wider stepping surface
  • Keeps vehicle interior clean by providing wiping surface
  • Variety of shapes and sizes
  • Easy installation
  • Helps protect doors
  • Changes vehicle appearance
  • Available in lighted and retractable options


If side steps and running boards aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, AMP Research steps are an innovative alternative to the standard step or running board. If you’re interested in the convenience of a step but prefer not to alter the look of your truck, AMP Research steps are the perfect choice. AMP Research steps are discreet retractable power steps that come out when you need them and tuck back under your truck when you don’t. With AMP Research steps, your truck maintains a streamlined look while also providing a durable step with high traction. Plus, these steps come with optional lights for added safety.

Whatever choice is best for you, running boards and side steps act as a ladder to help you get into your vehicle.

At LINE-X of Savannah, we can answer all your questions about running boards and side steps. Once you’ve made your choice, our knowledgeable staff will help you choose from the best brands and options. We carry step options from AMP Research to Westin and we’ll ensure you get high-quality, sturdy and dependable side steps and running boards. Plus, this useful addition can really upgrade the look of your truck or SUV. Come visit our shop and you’ll drive out with the best step solution to fit your needs and lifestyle.

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