The crisp fall weather. The excitement in the air. Tailgating.

All this can only mean one thing: it’s game time! Football season is here. You may be ready, but is your truck?

That’s where we come in. LINE-X of Savannah has all the accessories you need to get your truck football ready.

We know these accessories will make game day even better! Just check out these options:

Camper Top with 3 Outlet 12 Volt Power Block

Add some power to your truck. Whether you need power for tailgating tools or to plug in your tv or radio, you’ll be all set with this accessory. You can get three outlets from your existing 12 volt. If you’ve already got the camper, we’ll set you up with the outlet. If you need both, we can handle that too! We’ve got a great selection of camper tops to choose from.

Tonneau Cover

Retractable. Roll-up. Trifold. Hinged. There are so many tonneau cover types on the market. Luckily, at LINE-X of Savannah, we happen to be experts. We can help you decide on the best tonneau cover for your truck. Plus, our highly skilled technicians can get your cover installed in no time. Your tailgating gear will be protected for the season with the right tonneau cover. We can get you set up with a cover from top brands like Truck Gear, BAK, Roll-N-Lock, and more!

Portable Refrigerator

Football means food. The two go hand in hand. But you’ve got to keep that food cold and fresh. That’s where Rough Country’s portable refrigerator comes in! This is a must have if you’re serious about tailgating! Plug right into your vehicle with a DC power cord and you’re all set. The portable refrigerator features compartments to keep food and drinks separate. An airtight seal keeps food fresh and cold.

Tailgate Table for JEEP

We haven’t forgotten our JEEP owners—after all, you’re football fans too! A Rough Country tailgate table for your JEEP is what you need for a great tailgate party. This cool accessory attaches to the inside of your JEEP’s back door. Fold it down and you’ve got a perfect table/shelf. When you’re all done, fold it back up and a flush mount keeps it completely out of the way. The table holds up to 75 lbs and attaches securely to your JEEP to prevent any rattling. Rough Country’s Tailgate Table is made of durable steel and features two built in cup holders!

Telescoping Campsite LED Light

Sometimes the party goes well into the night! The celebration doesn’t stop when the game ends! That’s when Rough Country’s Telescoping Campsite LED Light comes in handy. Plug the LED Light straight into your vehicle with a DC cord or directly to your vehicle’s battery. This waterproofing telescoping light sets up easily to provide 160 ft of illumination. Once the party is over, simply collapse and pack it away.


So the gang is meeting you before the game and you’re in charge of drinks. That’s a heavy loaded cooler! Not to worry, Truck Gear’s Expedition Cooler can handle the load. With large, rubberized tires and a telescoping handle, you’ll move around with ease. Unique features of the cooler include built in bottle openers, a commodity shelf, chopping board, cup holder, and ruler built into the lid. Truck Gear also guarantees this cooler with a 5-year warranty.

So go ahead, put on your favorite team’s shirt. Pull out the foam finger and load up your truck with all your tailgating gear. At LINE-X of Savannah, we can get your truck football season ready in no time! Enjoy the football season with accessories designed to make your life easier!

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