There are so many tire options out there, how do you know which one is best for your vehicle?

Tires are a big purchase, and we can help you figure out which tire you need. So how exactly do you choose the right type of tire?


Where are you driving?

Choosing the right tire for the terrain is imperative. Consider your driving habits. There is a tire for every kind of road—or offroad. Here are some tire options based on terrain:

HT - Highway Terrain

If you’re sticking to paved roads, HT tires are a good choice. Designed for paved roads, highway terrain tires have shallow treads and very little to no shoulder and sidewall blocking. Paved roads don’t require excessive traction like an off-road tire. 

They’re made with stronger materials and will last a long time. Quiet, fuel efficient, and cost-effective these tires are what you need for regular road driving. 

AT - All Terrain

Maybe you split your driving time between paved roads and more difficult driving conditions. As the name suggests, AT tires will take care of your vehicle on multiple driving surfaces. All terrain tires have deeper treads with larger spaces to allow mud and snow to clear from the tire.

AT tires are louder than HT tires, they weigh a little more, and they aren’t as fuel efficient, but if you’re switching between paved and forest roads—or weather might be an issue– an all-terrain tire is a must! 

MT - Mud Terrain

If you typically find yourself on the road less traveled, then mud terrain tires are the right pick. They are made for your off-road adventures. With deeper treads and sidewall lugs, mud terrain tires can take your vehicle over any obstacle.

As expected, mud tires are the noisiest option and don’t offer the best gas mileage, but they can take on any adventure. 


Pick the right load rating

The tire load rating lets you know how much weight the tire can support. It’s important to get a tire with the right load rating so you don’t overload your vehicle. How do you figure out what load rating a tire has? Check out the following descriptions to find out what those letters mean:

P - Rated

The “P” on a tire stands for passenger. If you’re carrying lighter loads and primarily driving on the highway, this is the rating you want. 

These tires weigh and cost less while providing a smoother ride and better gas mileage. Just keep in mind that a P-rated tire can’t handle as much weight as other tires.  

LT - Rated

LT stands for light truck tires. Even though you might drive a heavy-duty truck, you’re unlikely to need more than an LT tire. LT tires are made for pickup trucks and can support load-range ratings C, D and E.

 LT tires can carry a heavier load than P-rated tires. They are a more durable tire with increased stability for towing and hauling. They are also better equipped for gravel roads. 


Come visit us at LINE-X of Savannah!

The last step in choosing your tires is a visit to our shop. At LINE-X of Savannah, our knowledgeable staff will make sure you get the right tire for your truck. Then, our expertly trained technicians will install your tires in no time. Installing the right tire for your vehicle is extremely important and we’ll make sure you drive away on the best tires for your truck!

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