When we say we can LINE-X anything, we mean it!

We all know LINE-X provides unparalleled protection for your truck bed, but what else can it protect?

The answer to that questions is anything you can think of! The extreme protection of LINE-X isn’t just limited to truck beds.

But why even bother with a LINE-X spray-on application?

That’s easy—LINE-X gives you all this:

If you are looking for the ultimate protection, then LINE-X is it!

Need a little inspiration? Look at some of our favorite requested LINE-X applications from our valued customers.

Here are our top 15 unique LINE-X applications:



For added insulation and protection.

With LINE-X those drinks are guaranteed to stay cold!


Deer Stand

LINE-X absorbs sound and impact, keeping deer oblivious to your presence.


Half Semi

Highway driving leaves its mark.

LINE-X protects this half semi from the dings and dents of the freeway.


Hard Hat

If you’re working in somewhat dangerous conditions, you’ll want as much protection as possible.

This LINE-X hard hat completely protects from falling debris or painful contact with parts and machinery.



Construction machines and farm equipment have to be tough.

Nothing can keep your machines in better shape than an application of LINE-X.



We’d like to see the neighborhood hooligans try and take this baby down with a baseball bat. This mailbox isn’t going anywhere!

Plus, a coating of LINE-X also protects from weather-related damage.


Mini Honda

This mini Honda gets important equipment where it needs to go.

Protect your investments with the durability of LINE-X.


Rocker Panel

Protect the lower body of your truck from road debris with LINE-X rocker panels.


Service Body

This truck was built for rugged work. No time to deal with rust, dents, and damage.


Shrimp Boat

Don’t forget about your boat! LINE-X is waterproof, resists rust, and offers a complete seal.


Boat Interior

Boat interiors will benefit from the durability and cushioning of a LINE-X application as well.

Plus, our UV protection means your boat will look great for years to come.



Tow all things large and small without ever worrying about wear and tear when you add LINE-X to your trailer.



Take the fun off-road in style. Loading UTVs in and out of the bed can take a toll on the UTV bed.

LINE-X will cushion your UTVs and keep the bed looking great.



Work vans get a lot of use and take a lot of abuse. LINE-X will ensure tools and equipment don’t damage your van’s interior.


Wheel Well

Wheel wells take a hit. All sorts of materials get kicked up from the road into your wheel wells, not to mention the caked on mud when you’re off-roading.

LINE-X protects from damage and is easy to clean.

LINE-X is protection you can count on!

With our custom color options, you can choose the exact shade of your LINE-X application. If you have something that needs the ultimate in protection, bring it into LINE-X of Savannah and our technicians will skillfully apply LINE-X to any surface.

We can answer any questions you many have about the product or process. Remember, “If you can think it, we can spray it!”

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