It’s Time to Hit the Beach in your JEEP!

Summer is just around the corner! LINE-X of Savannah can help you get your JEEP beach-ready so you can hit the road to the coast and enjoy the sun.

But as fun as the beach is, we all know it can be tough on your vehicle. JEEPs are meant for all types of terrain, but that doesn’t mean the sand, sun and sea won’t take its toll.

So how do you protect your JEEP? We’ve got some tips:

The best thing you can do for your JEEP is to protect it with LINE-X.

By spraying the interior with a layer of LINE-X, you will protect your JEEP from wear and tear and color fading. LINE-X is tough and durable and includes UV protection to guard against fading from the sun. We can spray your JEEP with the standard black color, which is a popular choice, or color match and customize the color to your exact specifications.

By applying a coating of LINE-X to the interior of your JEEP, you’ll never have to worry about being careful when loading beach equipment again. Nothing is tougher than LINE-X! Plus, at the end of a fantastic beach day, you can simply spray the sand, salt water and dirt away with a garden hose. No more spending hours trying to vacuum out tiny grains of sand from the carpet. Simply rinse and go!

LINE-X isn’t only the perfect choice to protect your JEEP’s interior, it is also ideal for protecting the exterior too! You can have the entire exterior of your JEEP sprayed or just specific areas from the bumpers to the top. If you want to add LINE-X to your JEEP, it is imperative that you take your vehicle to our highly trained technicians. This is no DIY project. LINE-X of Savannah is the right choice for expert application.

In addition to the interior and exterior of your JEEP, we can also apply a rust inhibitor to the undercarriage that will prevent rust from spreading. We also suggest an asphalt product that will protect it from salt water and anything else that comes its way.

During a day of fun in the sun, you might want a little shade now and then.

We can help you find the perfect top for your JEEP, whether you’re looking for a little shade or complete coverage. From hard to soft, we’ll help you choose the right top and get it perfectly installed on your JEEP.

You’ve got to have somewhere to load your beach gear when you hit the road.

Come in and find a roof rack that can hold beach chairs, umbrellas and everything else you need. Add style and function with the perfect roof rack for your JEEP.

Before you spend your days on the sand, come into LINE-X of Savannah and get everything required to ensure your summer will be worry free.

We can get your JEEP prepped with a perfectly applied coat of LINE-X. We’ll also install all the accessories you need for memorable days at the beach. From tops to seat covers and more, LINE-X of Savannah can take care of everything while you relax on the coast!

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