Calling all Jeepers!

Whether you’re bogging in the mud, wheeling on rough terrain, or throwing up a Jeep Wave to a fellow Jeeper, you want to take care of your rig.

We hear you! At LINE-X of Savannah, we love Jeeps too and we can help you ensure your Jeep is completely ready for all the challenges and adventures you throw its way!

Jeep owners spend time and money on all sorts of armor to safeguard their ride, but if you want ultimate protection for your Jeep, LINE-X is the only way to go! With unmatched quality, durability and style, LINE-X is a Jeep’s best friend. 

Why should you LINE-X your Jeep? We’re glad you asked.

Reason #1: LINE-X is Supreme Protection

Let’s be honest, you probably don’t want to know how much you’ve spent on your Jeep-especially since you brought it home. Aftermarket accessories, tires and wheels don’t come cheap.  Now protect that investment with the most durable armor out there. LINE-X is abrasion and impact resistant. No matter where you take your Jeep, you can be confident it will look perfect when the day is over—after a car wash, that is!

Reason #2: LINE-X is Completely Customizable

Whether you built your Jeep part by part or bought it stock and loaded it up with aftermarket accessories, your Jeep represents you. LINE-X won’t change that. You can choose exactly what you want to LINE-X–the entire interior, exterior, or just portions of your Jeep. You can also pick the color and type of LINE-X spray!

Reason #3: LINE-X Keeps your Jeep Clean

Face it, you put your Jeep through a lot. Off roading, mudding, participating in a Jamboree. Jeeps can get messy—inside and out! LINE-X can help you there! LINE-X protective coatings are easy to spray off and clean. Mud and dirt are easily washed away, returning your pride and joy to a perfect state. Plus, we all know how hard it can be to clean a vehicle’s interior. LINE-X helps you keep your interior looking pristine. It’s easy to hose off and wipe down. No carpet or mat stains here.

Reason #4: High Quality Application

Our installation experts are highly trained to ensure that your Jeep’s LINE-X application will be skillfully applied to perfection. LINE-X bedliners bond at the molecular level providing enduring protection. A spray on bedliner from LINE-X means you won’t experience cracking or bubbling.  Additionally, LINE-X’s UV protection resists fading, ensuring your Jeep will constantly look great.

LINE-X spray on bedliners have been a popular choice for truck owners, but why shouldn’t Jeepers get in on the action too?!

Before your next trip to the mountains or trail run in the backwoods, drive your Jeep into LINE-X of Savannah and we’ll customize your rig with the ultimate in vehicle protection.

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