No Matter What You Do With Your Ride, You’ll Do It Better With Line-X!

If you thought a LINE-X bedliner was just for construction workers, guess again! LINE-X bedliners and protective coatings are designed to meet the needs of every vehicle owner, whether you’re a farmer, hunter, contractor, or weekend warrior. Every vehicle is unique, and so is every vehicle owner. Drivers choose vehicles for a variety of reasons from work to terrain to fun. Your ride is great, but we know how to make it better. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing or where you’re going, a LINE-X spray-on bedliner or protective coating from LINE-X of Savannah, will improve all your driving experiences.

Take a look at how a LINE-X bedliner or protective coating can make your life easier, regardless of your requirements:


Farmers rely on expensive specialized equipment and machinery to ensure a high product yield. LINE-X offers farmers a way to preserve this equipment: extending equipment and machinery life, eliminating several possible repairs, and increasing productivity.  Safe around crops and animals, LINE-X is the perfect solution for protection all over your farm. Whether your farm is small or large, LINE-X protective coatings will reap a better harvest for your business.


Of course, a LINE-X bedliner will protect your truck bed–which is important for a hunter–but there’s more than one way LINE-X protective coatings can help make your next hunting trip a success. Not only will a LINE-X spray on bedliner protect any hunting equipment loaded in the back of your truck, you can also spray individual hunting accessories, such as a hunting box or gun rack. And don’t forget, LINE-X bedliners are easy to spray off and clean. We can also spray bumpers and rocker panels to protect trucks as they ride through the woods.


Contractors perform a wide range of jobs on a daily basis. A contractor’s needs can be extremely varied. The one “tool” that is essential for all jobs is an application of LINE-X protective coating. LINE-X protects truck beds, van and vehicle interiors and exteriors, heavy machinery, and all types of equipment. LINE-X is durable, long-lasting, and completely customizable. Our protective coating is scratch and abrasion resistant, protects against rust and corrosion, and can be applied quickly and professionally. Whether you’ve got to haul lumber, move pallets with a forklift, or fill your truck full of tools, LINE-X will see to it that your equipment is undamaged and well-maintained.


Whatever adventure you can think of, LINE-X can make it better.

A Jeep off-road adventure? Check. Protect the interior and exterior of your Jeep with LINE-X protective coating, ensuring your ride won’t fall victim to scratches and abrasions.

A boat trip to the lake? Check. Install LINE-X protective coating to your boat’s interior. Waterproof, lightweight, and slip resistant, LINE-X is the ideal choice for your boat—and it’s available in any color.

ATV dune riding? Check. An application of LINE-X coating will keep sand from getting in those small cracks and crevices and will protect from small sand scratches. LINE-X is waterproof and easy to clean, so just spray down your ATV when your ride is over and you’re ready for your next adventure.

No matter what you throw at it, a LINE-X bedliner or protective coating will keep your vehicles, supplies, and even buildings in top shape and performance-ready. Contact LINE-X of Savannah and see what we can do to enhance your business and your fun!

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