At LINE-X of Savannah, we care about the next generation!

We believe every child should have access to a quality education. Sometimes, however, children and their families aren’t able to purchase all the school supplies students will need for the upcoming school year.

We want to help–and we’d love to partner with you–to ensure every child has access to all the necessary school supplies.

So LINE-X of Savannah will be offering a free UV spray–with the purchase of a spray-on bedliner–to every customer that donates school supplies. If you’ve been thinking about spraying your truck bed with the toughest bedliner on the market, now is the perfect time! LINE-X bedliners are weather resistant, they won’t crack, peel or bubble and they are tougher than tough. A LINE-X bedliner can take anything you can throw at it! Plus, with your FREE UV protection, your truck bed will be protected from the sun and fade resistant. The color will look like new for ages!

But our spray-on bedliner isn’t only for trucks. You can spray your vehicle exterior as well. If you’re looking to really protect your vehicle, a coating of LINE-X on bumpers or fenders will do the trick. Plus, LINE-X is great for JEEPs and UTVs!

You don’t want to miss this promotion! It’s a two for one—invest in future generations and your vehicle at the same time! Stop on by and help local schools and children while also protecting your car, truck or JEEP! Just bring the school supplies you’re donating into our shop and we’ll get you all set up with the ultimate in protection for your car, truck, JEEP or SUV.

This promotion runs until July 30, 2021.

Don’t forget to like our page on Facebook and share this promotion! Let’s help as many kids as we can!

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