It’s that time of year again!

You’ve likely made some New Year’s resolutions for yourself, but what about your truck?
Why not take the opportunity to improve your truck and, at the same time, improve your life? At LINE-X of Savannah, we can make your truck everything you want it to be.
We offer a wide range of accessories suited to your specific vehicle.
But how can you make your truck better? We’re glad you asked. We’d like to tell you about two different accessories that can transform your truck for the new year.

Perhaps your resolutions include more travel with the family, time spent in the great outdoors, or increased towing ability. Consider an Air Ride, or lifted air suspension, to provide your truck with a smoother ride. What better way to start your vacation or upgrade your towing requirements? Because trucks are heavier and pull heavier loads, anything that makes hauling these loads easier is crucial. At LINE-X of Savannah, we’ll help you get the right air ride for the adventures you want to tackle. We stock premier brands of air suspension kits such as Air Lift. This top brand has specialized in suspension needs since 1949. Air Lift focuses on high quality and customization. Whatever your preference, we’ll get you set up with an air ride that will allow you to tow or haul with safety and comfort.

So you can now tow with ease, but what else does your ride need in the new year? Protection.

You’ve spent time, money–and likely a little blood, sweat and tears–to get your truck to perform to perfection. You need to protect that investment. LINE-X of Savannah has you covered there too! We can install the perfect bumper or grille guard to offer maximum protection for your truck. Grille guards provide ultimate fortification and utility to the front of your truck. Based on your needs, a grille guard can shield lights, bumper or grille. Specifically, the Ranch Hand brand of grille guards and bumpers can offer any configuration you need for protection. Made in America, Ranch Hand products are top of the line, durable, and stylish. The Ranch Hand Legend Grille Guard is the icon of vehicle protection. These grille guards are punched specifically to match your vehicle–offering a perfect fit.

Additionally, Ranch Hand manufactures an array of bumpers to suit your truck. These bumpers completely replace the factory bumper of your vehicle. Ranch Hand front bumpers come in four different options: grille guard front bumper, bullnose front bumper, smooth steel front bumper, or a winch ready front bumper. But what about the rear of your truck? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Ranch Hand back bumpers are guaranteed to increase, dependability, durability and towing confidence.

While you’re improving yourself this new year, don’t forget to improve your truck too! We can make your resolutions a reality. Come in to LINE-X of Savannah and try a new bumper, grille guard, or air ride. These accessories guarantee high performance and a Happy New Year!

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