The holidays may be coming to an end,
but it’s never too late to give your business a gift!

upgrade and accessorize your fleet of vans!

In our last blog post, we shared some ideas for maximizing the performance and functionality of your commercial trucks. But commercial fleets include more than just trucks. Offering a wide range of customizable interior options, vans are a great addition to your commercial fleet.

You can outfit your commercial vans with the right accessories to grow the efficiency and productivity of your business. Vans have become increasingly popular in the commercial world because of the many interior possibilities and configurations—in addition to their smaller size and fuel efficiency.

How can you get the most out of your vans?

Luckily, you’ve found LINE-X of Savannah! We can outfit your vans with top of the line accessories.

 Let us introduce you to some of our favorite van accessories:


People usually think of truck beds when they think of a spray-on bedliner, but LINE-X spray-on liner is ideal for commercial vans too! LINE-X guarantees a tough, dent resistant liner that protects the entire interior of your vans from the heavy wear and tear of a commercial business.

Safety is a priority. Van partitions help protect your drivers from injury. Because no one can control the weather or driving conditions, a partition will shield your driver from the cargo in the back of the van.

Organization is essential to increase productivity and safety in your commercial vans. Shelving is made from durable, high quality aluminum or steel and can be installed in several different configurations to help upgrade performance. Don’t waste precious time searching for tools and parts—put everything in its place with shelving from LINE-X of Savannah.

While the compact space of a van can be far superior to bulky trucks in many situations, limited space can become an issue. Vertical space solutions will solve that problem. Ladder racks attach to the outside of your van and allow you to store equipment on the top of your van safely and securely. Additionally, ladder racks protect your van from dents and scratches when using the van exterior for additional storage space. We have the ladder racks that will fit your vans and increase your storage options.
If a good portion of your business is conducted on the go, you need to have access to company files and client information. Easily installed, a computer mount securely holds your computer or other electronics. Computer mounts essentially provide a portable workspace for your employees—keeping the office and employees in constant communication.
LINE-X of Savannah has a range of hitch options to suit your needs. Perhaps your commercial vans will haul heavy cargo, or maybe they’ll only require a hitch on occasion. Regardless of your requirements, we can pull you in the right direction and find a hitch for you. Whether you’re looking for a receiver hitch or multi-ball trailer hitch, we’ve got you covered!

LINE-X of Savannah can completely fit your commercial fleet for any job. Our wide range of truck and van accessories will ensure your enhanced vehicles will perform safely, economically and efficiently. Let LINE-X of Savannah help increase overall productivity by customizing your commercial fleet.

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What areas can we spray with LINE-X spray on liner?

Wherever you want! But the most popular items to LINE-X on commercial trucks are beds, bumpers and rocker panels. Our protective spray cures quickly, provides unparalleled durability, and is resistant to most solvents and acid. LINE-X spray on coating can protect virtually any part of your truck. But we don’t only offer spray on bedliners and coatings—we have everything your trucks need.

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