You use your truck bed to haul all sorts of things.

Whether it’s expensive tools, sports gear, or camping equipment, you’ve got to keep your cargo safe and protected.

It’s important to secure your gear from the elements and theft. The best way to do that is to install a bed cover to your truck bed. But if you go to the internet and search bed covers, you may get overwhelmed with all the choices.

 Let us walk you through your options and help you make the best decision.

Hard Folding

Sometimes, it may seem that truck bed covers can make it more difficult to retrieve things from your truck bed. Hard cover tops come in various styles to fit your needs.  A hard tonneau cover excels in security and durability. If security is a top priority, a hard top is a better fit.


Trifold covers are strong and will keep items in your truck bed safe from situations such as theft to weather. Trifold covers also provide a streamlined look that matches your truck. You can choose from a variety of hard trifold tops to get just the look and function you want. BAK Industries has several great tri-fold options that offer full access and full protection. Extang is also a great hard cover brand. Featuring exclusive, hard polymer rubber corners, hinge caps, and snap-on seals, Extang offers premium protection.


A hinged tonneau cover is also a great option when it comes to covering your truck bed. Hinged tonneau covers give the strength of a hard top with the convenience of a soft top. Check out UnderCover premium truck beds. They’ve got several models to choose from, such as the Classic, SE, and Elite, all supported by a 6-year warranty, if installed by dealer.


These tops are the right choice if you are looking for good truck bed protection and security, plus easy bed access. The versatility of a retractable bed lets you load large, awkward sized items or keep the bed closed and secure.

If you’re considering a retractable cover, you’ve gotta check out ReTrax. ReTrax covers are made from one piece of polycarbonate that retracts without hinges or moving mechanisms. You’ll also get a 2-year warranty if installed by dealer.

Roll N’ Lock manufactures another high-quality cover. Made from low gloss vinyl material over aluminum, Roll N’ Lock covers lock in multiple open positions.


A roll-up tonneau cover is a popular choice because of the ease of access it provides. Simply roll up the cover and you can get to your cargo in seconds. If you need to keep everything in your truck bed secure, roll the cover back out and close the tailgate. Unlike bulky tops, roll-up covers give your truck a streamlined look whether the top is rolled up or down. Flexible material also allows for some give when you’re loading the truck bed. Access roll-up covers are dependable and feature reinforced UV protected vinyl.  There is a reason Access covers are some of the most popular on the market.

Soft Folding

A vinyl trifold provides protection for your truck bed without the weight of a hard top. While not as secure as a hard top, vinyl trifolds offer a low-profile appearance. Plus, a soft folding bed cover will keep your valuables safe from the elements.


Customize your truck bed with a painted cover. You can match the exact color of your truck—or go for a two-tone look. Painted fiberglass panels are anything but boring. Sleek and stylized, LEER painted fiberglass covers combine style and protection. UnderCover also offers the LUX and Elite LX painted toppers for added style, which come with a lifetime warranty for paint and structure and a 1-year warranty for parts and hardware.

When you’re talking truck bed covers, you’ve got a lot of options. Sometimes it’s hard to navigate all the different choices available. At Liberty LINE-X, we can guide you to the right bed cover. Come into our store and we’ll help you pick out a cover that is perfect for you.

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