You’re out in your truck and traveling on some rough terrain.

You’ve got a rugged truck—you’ll be fine, right? Sure.

Until you run into a field of large rocks or experience decreased visibility because of your lower truck height. These are issues you don’t need! A suspension lift kit can solve these problems and many more. Lift kits raise your truck or SUV off the ground, providing more clearance under your vehicle. When it comes to lift kits, there are several options to choose from.

Take a closer look at the variety of suspension options below:

A-Arm Coiler

Coilover independent front suspension (IFS) vehicles use different length upper and lower control arms to support the steering knuckle. This setup makes it possible to have increased amounts of specific movements, ensuring correct suspension geometry. An A-Arm Coiler is appropriate for a variety of vehicle and performance applications.

A-Arm Torsion Bar

Torsion bar IFS designs use a similar configuration to the A-Arm Coiler, employing arms of differing lengths. The difference in this type of suspension is that torsion bars are used in place of coil springs. There are some limitations to ride height with an A-Arm Torsion Bar, but height can be increased by preloading the torsion bars. Torsion bar suspension can be used for any vehicle.

A-Arm Coil Spring

Coil spring designs also use different control arm lengths but maintain ride height using a coil spring that is situated between the frame and lower control arm. The lower control arm supports the weight of the vehicle and the upper arm preserves the position of the steering knuckle.

Radius Arm Solid Axle

This design employees a solid drive axle by using radius arms for front-to-rear positioning of the axle and coil springs, which supports the weight of the vehicle. Front to rear tilt changes as the suspension cycles, which may slightly impact steering quality.

4 Link Solid Axle

The 4 Link Solid Axle design utilizes a solid drive axle and coil spring, but uses two parallel links per side, as opposed to radius arms, for front-to-rear positioning of the axle. Because this design allows the axle to move in a specific axis, there is a reduced effect on the caster and pinion angles.

Leaf Spring Solid Axle

The Leaf Spring Solid Axle includes a multiple leaf spring-pack on both sides of the axle housing to support the vehicle load. This design keeps the axle on a specific axis. A track bar can be used to help center the axle on heavy duty applications.


4 Link Solid A

The 4 Link Solid Axle rear suspension integrates a solid drive axle and coil springs. Two parallel links per side allow for front-to-rear positioning of the axle. A track bar is used to keep the axle centered.

Leaf Spring Solid Axle

Leaf Spring Solid axle is the most popular design for rear suspension. It uses a multiple leaf spring-pack to position the axle and to support the vehicle load. The leaf spring design is used in heavy duty applications and can support additional weight capacity.

As you can see, there are several suspension options to choose from. LINE-X of Savannah will get your truck or SUV lifted to the next level. Our technicians will install a suspension system with precision and expertise, ensuring complete satisfaction. Come on into our shop and let us help raise your game.

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