Your commercial fleet has to be efficient, effective and reliable.

You don’t have to settle for trucks straight off the line.

Every business is different with specific requirements. LINE-X of Savannah can customize trucks for your business so they do exactly what you need. 

Chances are your commercial truck fleet has a specific job to do and you need specific accessories for that job. At LINE-X of Savannah, we can install all the accessories you want to ensure your trucks can perform at their maximum capacity.

Whether you need your trucks sprayed with LINE-X or a variety of accessories installed. At LINE-X of Savannah, we will get your commercial truck fleet ready to roll!


Check out some of our most popular truck accessories

Grille Guards (with or without a winch)

A grille guard provides extreme protection and functionality. Grille guards come in various configurations to meet all demands.
Ladder Racks
Protect expensive equipment, increase cargo space, reduce risk of injury and boost productivity by installing ladder racks on your fleet vehicles.

Backup Alarms

Safety is paramount for your crew and the people around the job site. We can install a variety of back up alarms to warn drivers, workers and bystanders of truck movement.

Essential for organization, safety and efficiency, toolboxes can be a necessity for your commercial trucks. We have a wide variety of toolboxes to choose from including cross-over, chest and side mount.

Step Bars

If you’ve got any lifted trucks in your fleet, step bars are crucial to enter and exit trucks safely and with ease. Installing step bars will increase the functionality of your trucks.

Tonneau Covers

Aside from being visually striking, tonneau covers are durable and perfectly suited to commercial applications. At LINE-X of Savannah, we have a variety of tonneau covers from hard to soft, rolling to fold up and one piece.

Floor Liners

Protect your trucks’ flooring from dirt, mud and all kinds of messes. Floor Liners are molded to each individual truck floor, offering complete protection from whatever dirty jobs your team tackles.


At LINE-X, we have a range of hitches–from receiver hitches to multi-ball trailer hitches to 5th Wheels or Gooseneck hitches. Whatever towing capacity and receiver tube size your trucks require, we can hook you up.

While these are some of our most popular commercial truck accessories, they are only a sampling of the accessories we can provide for your fleet. Between our spray on liners and our wide range of essential truck accessories, LINE-X of Savannah can help you get the most out of your fleet and elevate your business. Come visit us and we’ll show you what we can do for your commercial fleet!

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What areas can we spray with LINE-X spray on liner?

Wherever you want! But the most popular items to LINE-X on commercial trucks are beds, bumpers and rocker panels. Our protective spray cures quickly, provides unparalleled durability, and is resistant to most solvents and acid. LINE-X spray on coating can protect virtually any part of your truck. But we don’t only offer spray on bedliners and coatings—we have everything your trucks need.

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