It’s shiny, new and looks great. But how exactly will you keep it looking nice while ensuring it’s also secure? Let’s face it, trucks can take a beating.
They haul cargo, pull loads and drive through rugged terrain. We know you’re looking for a way to protect your truck, tools, gear and other valuables. At LINE-X of Savannah, we’ve got all the accessories you need to keep your truck looking great and secure while performing at the highest levels.

What are some of the most important accessories for your truck? Here are some of our customers’ favorites:


There are so many truck bed cover options, how do you know which one will suit you? With all the choices out there, we can help you land on the one that fits you best.

  • Retractable-Power or manual cover that retracts into a canister and is flush with the rails, this cover offers ease of access to cargo in the bed. Retractable covers are available in hard or soft panels.
  • Folding-Also allowing for quick access to the bed, folding covers offer a different, more rugged (but still sleek) look. Folding panels are also available in hard or soft materials, such as vinyl or canvas.
  • Rolling-Rolling covers are opened by rolling the top from tailgate to the back of the cab. With seamless vinyl siding and lightweight materials, complete access to the truck bed is easy.
  • Fiberglass– These truck bed tonneaus or camper tops are the pinnacle of styling and protection.  Made from one piece of fiberglass, this cover will keep everything in your bed safe and weatherproof.
We have a variety of tops in stock ready to install.


If you’ve got a new truck, the last thing you want is chaos in the truck bed. Jumbled tools and gear will make a mess of your truck bed and damage its contents. That’s where a deck system can help. Deck systems easily organize your truck bed, streamlining projects and ensuring the safety of your bed and accessories. Deck systems are secure, weatherproof and easy to customize. Whatever the size of your truck bed, a deck system will ensure maximum organization and safety. Plus, they look great.


Toolboxes are another great storage option for your truck. If you want storage but you also want to maintain a good amount of cargo and hauling space in your truck bed, there are several options. If you have specific or specialty needs when it comes to a toolbox, let us help you determine which box will work for you. Options include: crossover truck toolboxes, utility chest boxes, ATV and UTV boxes, side mount, drawer truck tool boxes, and even dog boxes. Safe and secure, a toolbox is suitable for any adventure.

At LINE-X of Savannah, we know the wide variety of options for your truck can be overwhelming. We’re here to help you navigate all the choices and find the accessories that best suit your busy lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a truck bed cover, decked system, toolbox, or other truck accessories, we’ve got what you need!

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