When you do what you love, it shows.

We are a local family owned business and we love helping our customers get everything they want for their car, truck, JEEP or SUV. 

When you walk into our shop, you are guaranteed help from a knowledgeable staff and experienced technicians who look forward to serving you!

When we opened the doors to our Savannah shop in 2005, we had one bay in a 5,000 square feet of  space. We only had one employee and focused mainly on spraying truck beds with LINE-X spray-on bedliners and selling bed covers. But times have changed. Over the last 16 years, we have grown so much that we had to move buildings. We now serve our customers in a 16,000 square foot building with 6 bays. With so much business, we were excited to open a second store in June and we now employ a staff of 10 and growing. This second location, in Hinesville, Georgia, is 8,000 square feet with 5 bays to serve you.

Why have we grown so much? 2 reasons: 1) We love what we do, and 2) We have everything you need for your vehicle. We like to refer to our shops as candy stores for people with trucks. We can satisfy that sweet tooth with our wide range of aftermarket accessories and highly trained technicians.

Just take a look at some of the sweet treats we offer:


LINE-X spray-on bedliners are the best protection you can get. Our bedliners prevent rust, leaks and corrosion. They are stain-resistant and won’t crack, bubble or peel.  LINE-X bedliners absorb impact, are environmentally friendly and come with a lifetime warranty. And LINE-X isn’t only for truck beds. We can spray interiors, exteriors, UTVs and even boats!


Protecting your truck bed and everything inside is essential. With the wide range of tops available at LINE-X of Savannah, you’ll find exactly what you want. Choose from vinyl trifold or rolling, hard trifold, retractable, tonneaus or one-piece hinged tops.


Line-X offers a variety of the best tires on the market. We get popular brands such as Nitto Tires, Toyo Tires, or Falken Tires. All of these tire brands are praised for their performance, precision, and durability.


At Line-X, we believe wheels to be one of the most eye-catching ways to customize your ride. Wheels do more than just make your vehicle look great; they’re functional as well. 


Lift kits raise your truck or SUV off the ground, providing more clearance under your vehicle. When it comes to lift kits, there are several options to choose from. Come into one of our shops and we’ll talk you through every type of lift kit so you can get the best choice for your vehicle.


A toolbox offers safety and security for your tools, the ability to organize your truck bed and streamlined style. We’ve got toolboxes from CAM Locker, UWS and Decked. With our range of toolboxes, you’re sure to find the perfect storage option.


Lights are perhaps one of the most drastic changes you can make to your truck, JEEP, SUV or UTV and can completely change the functionality and look of your vehicle. We’ve got an impressive range of light possibilities and we’ll help you get the right light set to enhance your ride and all your excursions.

And so much more!

This is just a sampling of what we have to offer in our stores. Come in to one of our shops and see just why our customers love us. We’ve got dedicated employees who pay extreme attention to detail. We’re a family owned business and we put our customers first. We’ll keep growing and expanding so we can meet all your needs. Thank you for continuing to trust us with your vehicle and allowing us to serve you!

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