If you’re a pet owner, you’ve likely faced this dilemma: enjoy a stress-free ride in a clean car or bring along your best friend.

Now you don’t have to choose.

WeatherTech’s pet products are the answer to all your pet travel problems. WeatherTech carries a complete line of pet travel accessories to ensure you and your pet will have a great trip. You can check out this awesome line of pet products at LINE-X of Savannah. 



Pet Feeding Systems

If you’re going to be on the road for a while, chances are your pet will need a snack break. Feeding your pet on the road can be a pain. That’s where WeatherTech feeding systems come in. Double feeding systems are better as a stationary option, while the single feeding systems are portable for on-the-go needs. All systems are easy to clean. WeatherTech’s feeding system come in the following options:

Source: WeatherTech

This is a single bowl feeding station for food or water. It’s higher off the ground for your bigger pets. The raised lip around the bowl edges protects against spills and leaks.

Source: WeatherTech

WeatherTech’s double feeding system offers two bowls instead of one. Whether you want one spot for food and water or if your place is home to more than one four-legged friend, you’ll need the double feeding system. The Double High Pet Feeding System is also elevated for your larger animals.

Source: WeatherTech

Single Low Pet Feeding System

The Single Low system offers everything the high system does, just lower. The low system is perfect for your smaller dogs and cats. You can choose from a range of sizes to get just the right fit for your pet.

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Double Low Pet Feeding System

The double pet bowl gives you a lower system with two bowls. It comes in a variety of colors. All pet bowls are ergonomic and made in the USA.


Seat Protector

If your pet is spending any time in the car, seat protection is essential. WeatherTech’s seat protectors are water-repellent with a non-slip underside. These seat protectors are durable and will keep your seats looking great. They are available for the first, second, and third rows.


Door Protector

Unfortunately, pets don’t usually sit still in the car. They love to climb on the door and look out the window. That’s where WeatherTech’s door protectors come in. You won’t have to worry about muddy paws or scratches on your door’s interior. WeatherTech’s door protectors are made of heavy-duty coated polyester, so they are extremely durable. Plus, they’re machine washable!

Dog walking up WeatherTech Easy Ramp into SUV

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Whether size or age keeps your pet from getting up into your car, WeatherTech’s pet ramps can help.

Pet Ramp

This is a portable heavy duty pet ramp for elevated vehicles. It features a non-slip surface for maximum traction. When not in use, you can fold it up for storage.

Easy Ramp

The Easy Ramp is a good option for larger vehicles and older pets. It’s extremely strong and boasts a 300 lb. load rating. Best of all, it’s easy to assemble and use.


Pet Barrier

Even though your pet may want to ride in your lap, that’s probably not the safest option. If you’re having a hard time keeping your pet in their place, WeatherTech’s Pet Barrier might be exactly what you need. It will keep your pet(s) secure behind your second or third row. It fastens securely to your vehicle without tools or drilling.  Because it is adjustable and expandable, you’re sure to get the right fit.

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Pet Partition

WeatherTech’s Pet Partition is another travel barrier option. It is made of mesh construction for clear travel visibility. Its adjustable straps easily attach to most headrests. And best of all? It provides storage pockets for treats, leashes, etc.


Pet Safety Harness

When traveling, safety is the name of the game. If your furry buddy won’t sit still, WeatherTech makes a pet safety harness. The harness functions as a seat belt for your pet. It comes in 7 sizes and will keep your pet safe and secure.

Source: WeatherTech

Next time your pet sees you pick up the car keys and gives you that look of expectation and anticipation, you’ll have no reason to hesitate.

At LINE-X of Savannah, we can help you find all the essential WeatherTech pet supplies to get your vehicle all set for a day with your best friend. Come see us today!

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