Why Proper Wheel Alignment is Important for Your Vehicle

Have you ever been driving down the road taking a relaxing drive or running errands when a subtle pull from your tires starts maneuvering your vehicle to one side? This problem doesn’t happen all of a sudden. It usually causes irregular wear on your tires and perhaps a crooked steering wheel. Because of this, the problem should be checked out at your earliest convenience. Your automobile most likely needs a wheel alignment check.

Why do I need one?

Although “bringing a vehicle’s suspension into its proper configuration” may sound like an elaborate process, alignment checks are completed by expert mechanics who use the best technology to ensure your vehicle is safe-especially if you’re a client of LINE-X of Savannah, which has the Low Country’s most-up-to-date HawkEye Elite wheel alignment system in the area.
How will you know if your vehicle isn’t driving correctly and needs to be realigned? Some tell-tale signs include: handling issues, such as a pull from your tires in either direction-said another way, your vehicle is having trouble staying in a straight path- irregular tire wear, and problems with the steering wheel.

These might not seem like pressing issues when compared to other common automotive problems, but ignoring the signs that your vehicle is out of alignment can cost you significantly more money down the road. In addition to the simple fact that your new tires won’t last as long, the crooked steering wheel can cause malfunctioning in vehicles that rely heavily upon driver assist systems’ data; these systems rely on the angle of the steering wheel to function properly. Wheel alignment issues can also cause a decrease in fuel efficiency. To put it simply, a vehicle that is in need of a wheel alignment check can place the driver in potentially dangerous driving conditions (and hit your bank account hard) if you don’t get it fixed.

It is recommended that vehicles get a wheel alignment check either every year or every 10,000 miles, whichever happens first. Luckily, LINE-X of Savannah can handle this simple wheel alignment procedure. Our shop uses Hunter Engineering Company’s elite wheel alignment system and it happens to be the most up-to-date (with the latest software) in the Savannah area. The Hunter Engineering Company’s system offers advanced features to ensure the best and fastest service for your automobile.

Key Features

  • Hunter’s patented QuickGrip adaptors have been constructed to properly grip the tire and reduce any chance of rim damage from metal-to-metal contact.
  • The entire set-up process can be completed in record time because the mechanics are working with far less tools and wires.
  • Hunter’s CodeLink, a part of the alignment system, effortlessly connects the machine to most vehicles’ on-board diagnostic systems.
  • This top-of-the-line product produces alignment results in 70 seconds! This machine completes the process 60 percent faster than others on the market!
  • At the end of the alignment, customers will be given a printout of the results of the procedure.
    Since the process is automated, the likelihood of human error is significantly reduced.


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