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We talk a lot about aftermarket accessories for performance, but we can’t forget about the interior of your vehicle.

Custom seat covers will protect the inside of your car, truck, JEEP, or SUV from damage, stains, and everyday wear and tear. Custom seat covers provide the perfect fit every time, making keeping your vehicle clean a breeze, and offer unparalleled comfort.

At LINE-X of Savannah, we highly recommend custom seat covers and we’ve got the experience to know just which covers are the best. We want to share that insider knowledge with you. These are our top choices for seat covers:



Marathon make some of the best heavy-duty custom seat covers out there. Made from genuine Cordura Nylon fabric, these covers are available in a wide range of colors and prints. This is the toughest fabric out there and it is perfect for high-traffic areas. Marathon seat covers are treated to be 100% waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about rain, snow, or wet conditions. And these covers aren’t only about performance, they look amazing too. You’ll get full coverage without any wrinkling or sagging. 



Ruff Tuff

Ruff Tuff seat covers offer a variety of fabrics so you can choose the best for your needs. Available in an array of patterns, you’re sure to find the best option for your lifestyle and preference. Ruff Tuff seat covers are durable and provide a great fit. You can choose from several cover options, including headrest and armrest covers, front and rear pockets, removable pistol pockets, and hard console lid covers. With Ruff Tuff, you’ll also get amazing customer service. 



Covercraft also makes seat covers in a wide variety of fabrics and prints. If you’re looking for tough, their work truck covers are just what you need. If luxury seat covers are more your speed, they’ve got those too. Or maybe your canine companion is frequently your co-pilot—Covercraft makes seat covers specifically designed to protect from man’s best friend. Precision fit, waterproof, stain resistant, and resilient, Covercraft seat covers are sure to have exactly what you’re looking for.



Rough Country

Rough Country Neoprene seats are the ultimate in protection. Neoprene is durable and can stand up against anything. Rough Country seat covers are easy to install, fit snuggly, and will protect your vehicle’s interior from the elements. Waterproof, heat resistant, and non-flammable—what more could want?



Sometimes custom seat covers aren’t enough to get the job done and a total seat replacement is necessary. Or maybe you’re just ready for an interior upgrade. When a seat replacement is what you want, we suggest you take a look at Katzkin. Professionally installed and customizable, these seats are pure luxury.  You can transform your ride today—upgrading is easy! Katzkin can give you the interior of your dreams. 

Custom seat covers can instantly upgrade your vehicle’s interior.

Nothing can change the look and function of your ride more easily than the right seat covers.

 At LINE-X of Savannah, we can help you choose the perfect seat covers. Whether you’re more interested in looks or performance, we’ve got you covered!

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