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Step Up Your Game With Step Bars!

Maybe you’ve raised your truck so much you’re having a little trouble getting into the cab. Or perhaps the kids can’t quite get enough lift to climb into the back. Or perhaps you just like the look. Whatever your reason for considering side steps, you’ve come to the right place to help you decide which set you should install.

First, let’s talk about some of the reasons side steps are such a popular aftermarket accessory. 

  1. Side steps make entering and exiting your vehicle a lot easier.
  2. Side steps increase safety.
  3. You can more easily get to the roof of your truck.
  4. They look great. 

Sounds good, right? How exactly can you figure out the right steps for your truck? 

  1. Decide whether you want steps or running boards. Don’t worry, we’ll run through the options below. 
  2. Choose the size and shape. Decide if you want your steps to be as long as your cab, go wheel to wheel, or run the entire length of your truck. Once you determined length, consider what width and shape will fit your needs.
  3. Figure out your style. Steps come in a variety of colors and materials. Decide what will look best on your truck. Black? Polished? Chrome? Painted?
  4. Are you looking for stationary or retractable? If you don’t want your steps to be visible all the time, you’ll want retractable steps. If you like the look of steps 24/7, stationary steps are best. 

Now it’s time to examine step options.


Drop Down

Drop down steps offer more assistance for getting into a taller truck, but they decrease the amount of side clearance and breaker angle for when you are going off-road. N-FAB’s nerf step system is a great drop down option. The step design and location is engineered for ease of access. Steps fit high and tight to the vehicle body for a clean look and protection from road debris. These steps offer long lasting durability.



Oval step bars provide a wider and more secure step area. They also feature 30 degree bends with seamless domed ends. Westin PRO TRAXX 5 nerf step bars make a statement. With no end-caps or bolt heads exposed, they’ll look great. Bolt-on installation gives a finished look.


Running Boards

If you’ve got a higher vehicle, running boards might be the best choice because they give you additional height for increased clearance. Plus, running boards can really amp up your truck’s appearance by providing customization options. If you’re looking for the following features, running boards might be just what you need. They feature a flatter and wider stepping surface, a range of shapes and sizes, door protection, upgraded vehicle appearance, retractable options, and help keep a cleaner interior.  When it comes to running boards, we love Westin products. Westin manufactures high quality step bars and running boards. Westin steps and running boards come with several different options and feature a non-skid surface.

You can really step up your game when you have running boards or step bars installed by LINE-X of Savannah.  We are ready to help you choose and install your steps. Our knowledgeable staff can answer all your questions and help you get the steps you want.


Power Steps

This is perhaps the most convenient and versatile step solution. When extended, they offer great assistance to get into a tall truck. When retracted, they do not get in the way of off-roading. Although, you need to be careful when deploying these steps when off-roading as to not hit and damage the steps. If this sounds like the right kind of step for you, we suggest you check out Amp Research power steps. They automatically deploy, feature LED lighting, and a durable textured finish.

As you can see, we’ve got everything you need to accessorize your truck!

At LINE-X of Savannah, we can professionally install any accessory you choose with efficiency and expertise. We’ll help you get your truck ready for any adventure!

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