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If you’re a JEEP owner, you know customizing your JEEP is a big part of the fun.

Basically, a JEEP is the ultimate toy for an adult. JEEPers change up their ride and install aftermarket accessories until their JEEP is perfect.

At LINE-X of Savannah, we love helping JEEP owners find the right aftermarket accessories. Our knowledgeable staff can help you navigate the wide world of JEEP accessories. Where should you start? Here’s what we suggest:


LINE-X Interior & Exterior

LINE-X spray is the very best way to protect your JEEP—inside and out—especially when off-roading. Mud, rock chips, and scratches won’t stand a chance. LINE-X will keep your JEEP clean, protect it from rust and abrasions, and is completely customizable. And the best part? You can LINE-X the interior and exterior of your JEEP for ultimate protection!



Lift Kit

A lift kit will definitely improve your off-roading experience. A lift kit will raise the front and rear of your JEEP, allowing for bigger wheels and tires. Plus, a lift kit gives more power and crawl ability. We’ve got lift kits from top brands like BDS, Rough Country, Zone and Fab Tech.


Tires & Wheels

Tires and wheels are two aftermarket accessories that can upgrade your JEEP’s performance and improve the ride. The best type of tires for your JEEP will depend on where you drive your JEEP. We can help you determine the best tires for your lifestyle so you can get the most out of your JEEP. And don’t forget the wheels. Adjust vehicle stance and suspension with wheels. Plus, they look incredible!



Bumper with a Winch

If you’ve ever gone off-roading without a winch, you’ve probably regretted not having one! Don’t get in a tight spot again. A bumper with a winch can solve your problems. With an integrated winch, your options are endless. Most bumper winch combos are easy to install and can get you out of a variety of difficult situations. SmittyBilt and Super Winch have some great options for your front or rear bumper.


Step Bars

Step bars make getting in an out of your JEEP a ton easier—especially if you’ve lifted your ride. They can also protect the sides of your JEEP when off-roading. Step bars come in an assortment of types, sizes, and materials to help you find the perfect fit to raise your JEEP to the next level.




Lights are a fun way to change the look and function of your JEEP. If you’re looking for a splash of color, Oracle color headlights are just what you need. They come in an array of colors and designs. You can also change the look of your JEEP from the back with a rear tire brake light. They look awesome and increase safety. And don’t forget the wheels! Oracle LED wheel rings will completely customize your JEEP and brighten up your nights.


Replacement Top

Are you looking to change the style and function of your JEEP top? Switching from soft to hard, or vice versa? Or maybe replacing your top is a must for safety? Don’t worry. We can get your JEEP fitted with the right top in no time. 



Tonneaus and Camper Tops for Gladiators

A cross between a JEEP and a truck, the Gladiator is the perfect combination of off-roading fun and hauling capacity. And that means you get to choose between the awesome aftermarket accessories for JEEPs and trucks! We highly recommend a top or tonneau for your Gladiator. The LEER top is a great choice. It features frameless twist out windows with screens, a curved rear door with gas props, insulated roof, rotary latching system, and paint finish matching options. 



Whether you’re an Apple user or you prefer an Android, you can enjoy compatibility between your phone and your radio. While some newer JEEP models come with Carplay, many older models don’t include this upgrade. But, lucky for you, that’s not a problem. If you want your phone to interface with your radio, we can help you find a compatible radio so you’ll have all the tech you need. 



Keep your JEEP looking great even in the messiest conditions. Muddy shoes, snow, and dirt won’t be a problem. WeatherTech’s custom floor liners offer the perfect fit and extreme interior protection. 

All Weather Floor Mats
These floor mats are designed to offer the best possible protection for your JEEP’s floor. All Weather Floor Mats have deeply sculpted channels made to trap water, road salt, mud, sand, and anything else you track into your car. Plus, these mats are made to withstand the coldest temperatures while remaining flexible. 

Custom Fit Cargo Liners
When protecting your interior, you can’t forget about the back of your JEEP. Cargo liners are laser cut for a perfect fit. A raised lip keeps spills in the mat and your cargo space clean. WeatherTech cargo liners are tough, durable, and look great.


Let’s have some fun customizing your JEEP with aftermarket accessories until it’s perfect!

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