Although it may look a little different this year, school is just around the corner.

Many students in the Savannah area are in need of school supplies. Without our help, these students may not have access to the supplies they need in the classroom. Please join with LINE-X of Savannah and help us ensure the children in our area have everything they require for a fantastic school year. Simply bring in a donation of school supplies to help the children in our area as they get prepared to start school. We will then donate all the supplies we collect to local area schools. As a thank you, we’ll give you a FREE UV SPRAY (worth up to $100) with your donation. That’s right, we’ll give you a free premium UV spray up-grade with your new bed spray purchase. What have you got to lose? We will be collecting all school supply donations through August 31, 2020.

Help local children and upgrade your truck at the same time! We can’t wait to see you at LINE-X of Savannah, where we’ll provide you with the best spray-on bedliner on the market. Our expertly trained technicians will make sure everything is done to perfection. You’ll drive away happy with your new bedliner and students will be happy with their supplies. What could be better? Drive on in today! Promotion ends August 31, 2020.

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You already know how awesome a UTV can be—but aftermarket accessories from LINE-X of Savannah can make it even better.

Customize your UTV to do everything you want with some (or all) of these options.

Let’s count the ways we can make your UTV outings even better!

#1: LINE-X

Tired of gritting your teeth every time you run into a bush or come up against a stick on an UTV ride? Sure, you want to ride through the terrain, but you don’t want the scratches that come with the fun. Not only will an application of LINE-X extend the life and durability of your bumpers, it looks great too! Ask around, LINE-X is the perfect solution to keep your vehicle scratch and rust-free. LINE-X is also the perfect addition to your UTV bed, offering the highest quality protection.


It’s easy to see damage on the outside of your UTV, but what about underneath? You don’t want to neglect the under carriage of your vehicle. By applying a layer of LINE-X to your undercarriage you will protect your vehicle and guard against expensive repairs. We’ll apply an asphalt product to undercoat and safeguard your UTV.


When you need a winch, you really need a winch. Maybe you’ve been there: stuck in the mud and wishing you’d installed that winch before your adventure. Don’t get caught off-guard again. Let LINE-x of Savannah install a winch perfect for your UTV and your next ride. Plus, we can LINE-X your wench for extra durability and strength!


You know you don’t want the day to end just because it gets dark! Not to worry; we’ve got you! We can set you up with the perfect lighting system for your UTV and your outdoor preferences. We offer Southernlite LED packages-one of the best lighting brands in the industry.


The ride is fun, but it’s better with a soundtrack. Adding or upgrading a stereo system will totally personalize your ride and pump up your fun.


If there’s one thing you have to get right on your UTV, it’s the tires. Be ready for any terrain with the right tires. We provide MSA, KMC and Fuel brands. We have tires and wheels that are specifically engineered for each vehicle type. You’ll experience maximum traction and unsurpassed performance with the right tires and wheels.

#7: LIFT

A lift provides you with extra ground clearance so you can clear branches, logs and mud. Roll over tough trails and down steep hills with a lift from us.


You may be up for a rough ride, but you want to protect your gear. With a Rough Country cover, you can ensure that all your tools, gear and personal items won’t be impacted by the terrain-whether it’s muddy, dusty or wet.


When you’re hunting, safety and ease need to work together. We can fit your UTV with a variety of in-cab gun racks. We’ll get your UTV set up with a mounted gun rack that is safe, secure and easy to use.

Buying a UTV is only the first stop on your adventure.
Now take your UTV to the next level and count the ways you can have more fun and make more memories!


It’s fishing season!

We know you’re ready to get on the water.

But is your truck ready? At LINE-X of Savannah, we have just what you need to make sure your truck is all set for a great fishing season. 

Before you load your rod and reel, let us fit your truck with all the best and most reliable vehicle fishing accessories on the market.


Nothing protects a truck bed better than a LINE-X spray-on bedliner. LINE-X is the ideal protective coating for your truck bed and boat. Nothing is stronger or more durable than LINE-X! Plus, our protective coating can help keep your gear in the bed of your truck safe. LINE-X protective coating prevents slipping, which ensures your gear will be ready for a day of intense fishing.


Are you one of the lucky ones that gets to enjoy fishing from the lake in your own boat? We can supply you with a strong hitch to get that boat from house to water with safety and ease.

Or maybe you’ve decided to make a vacation of your next fishing excursion. Gooseneck towing and 5th wheel towing options will pull your camper smoothly and securely to your destination. Additionally, we offer great bumpers and receivers for towing multiple trailers.


Just because the sun goes down, doesn’t mean the fish aren’t hungry. We’ve got a range of lights that can mount to your boat, truck or be freestanding. Southern Lite LED offers high efficiency Marine LEDs that light up the water as your boat cuts through rivers and lakes. Offering one-mile visibility and indestructible technology, with a Southern Lite LED on your side, you’ll never want to fish in the day again!

Fishing from the shore? We’ve got a variety of fishing lights to help you reel in the best catch of your life. Attract more fish with over-the-water or under-the-water fishing lights. From floating fishing lights to submersible fishing lights to black lights, we have the fishing lights you want for your next night on the water.


Don’t worry! We haven’t forgotten about your gear. Your fishing poles, rods, reels, waders, and bait need somewhere to go. Organize your gear from poles to lures in a DECKED System. Completely customizable to fit your fishing needs and preferences, a DECKED system is essential. Don’t waste time trying to find what you want, instead organize everything in this complete storage system.

And the organization only gets better with a toolbox. No fishing truck is complete without a toolbox to help store gear. With toolboxes from UWS, Cam Locker or Weatherguard, we know you’ll find the right storage options to fit your gear. Plus, you can enjoy the ultimate in ease when you install a Bedslide to your truck. This sliding platform will bring all those organized supplies right to you. No more fishing around in the truck bed-now all your fishing will be on the water!

Need more storage? LEER Camper Tops not only protect everything in your truck bed, but they come with available single or double fishing rod holders. You can also add a Thule or Yakima rack to carry your kayaks or canoes. 


It’s not only your fishing accessories that need storage. What about all those catches at the end of a successful day of fishing? We have the answer-a Truck Gear cooler. Truck Gear coolers are thick-walled and durable. Thick walls provide the ultimate in temperature regulation-keeping ice colder longer. Truck Gear coolers have it all with a built-in chopping board, commodity shelf, cupholder and ruler.  Plus, they come with a 5 year warranty. 


It’s time to get out there on the water! But not before you come into LINE-X of Savannah to get your truck fitted with all the best fishing accessories out there!


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your Jeep spray through the end of July!

If you know Jeeps, you know driving your Jeep off the lot is only the first step in customizing your ride.

After market parts and accessories are essential to get the most out of your Jeep. Our last blog pointed out the benefits of adding LINE-X to your Jeep. 

This time, let LINE-X of Savannah be your guide through the wide range of Jeep accessories.


Maybe you bought a Jeep to upgrade your off-roading experience. A lift or leveling kit will raise your Jeep game. A lift kit will lift the front and rear of your vehicle allowing for bigger wheels and tires. A leveling kit, on the other hand, will allow for a slightly larger tire. We stock lift/leveling kits from top brands such as Rough Country, BDS, Zone and Fab Tech.



The adventure doesn’t have to end just because the sun goes down. LINE-X of Savannah has all the most popular lighting options from Southern Lite LED.  Which lights do you need? Take a look at these lighting options:

  • Snake-If you’re a serious off-roader, snake lights are for you.  With a streamlined look and quicker lighting response time, these LED lights will leave an impression—day or night.
  • Mini Kick Lights-Mini kick lights are perfect for small interior spaces. Not as durable as large kick lights, but ideal for tight spaces such as battery boxes, rod boxes or under lips.
  • Light Bars-If you’re headed toward some rugged off-road terrain, you need light bars attached to your Jeep. Light bars can be installed to the bumper, hood or top of your windshield.
  • Fog/Headlights-Clarity is key when off-roading. Fog headlights will help you see through the haze so you can enjoy your day of adventure.


Providing visual openness while maintaining a protective barrier, trail doors are essential for off-roading adventures. With several different designs from Body Armour. we’ll find the perfect solution for your Jeep.


Style and protection come together in our large selection of Jeep bumper options. Customize the look of your Jeep and add unsurpassed protection at the same time.


Have you ever been in a tough spot with your Jeep and wishing you had a winch? Wish no more-we’ve got the winch you need to pull yourself (or a friend) out of a jam. You can’t go wrong with brands such as Smitty Bilt and Super Winch. Never go off-roading without a winch again!


The weather is nice and you want you want to lose the hard top on your Jeep-but you still need some protection from the sun. At LINE-X of Savannah, we’ve got several bikini top options to fit your specific needs and preferences. From full to partial coverage, we’ll find the perfect top for your ride.


For all Jeep Gladiator owners, we’ve got exciting news for you! LEER has a new camper topper especially fit for Gladiators. It features frameless twist out windows with screens, a curved rear door with gas props, insulated roof, rotary latching system, and paint finish matching options. We’ll get you set up with the perfect topper for your Jeep.


The outside of your Jeep isn’t the only area that takes a beating. Don’t forget to protect the inside with specially designed seat covers. Marathon and Ruff Tuff seat covers have a range of options to ensure your Jeep is protected and performing under any circumstance.

Visit us at LINE-X of Savannah and we’ll help you amp up your Jeep with all the accessories you need to hit the trails and experience your next adventure. A Jeep can take you anywhere you want to go!

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Calling all Jeepers!

Whether you’re bogging in the mud, wheeling on rough terrain, or throwing up a Jeep Wave to a fellow Jeeper, you want to take care of your rig.

We hear you! At LINE-X of Savannah, we love Jeeps too and we can help you ensure your Jeep is completely ready for all the challenges and adventures you throw its way!

Jeep owners spend time and money on all sorts of armor to safeguard their ride, but if you want ultimate protection for your Jeep, LINE-X is the only way to go! With unmatched quality, durability and style, LINE-X is a Jeep’s best friend. 

Why should you LINE-X your Jeep? We’re glad you asked.

Reason #1: LINE-X is Supreme Protection

Let’s be honest, you probably don’t want to know how much you’ve spent on your Jeep-especially since you brought it home. Aftermarket accessories, tires and wheels don’t come cheap.  Now protect that investment with the most durable armor out there. LINE-X is abrasion and impact resistant. No matter where you take your Jeep, you can be confident it will look perfect when the day is over—after a car wash, that is!

Reason #2: LINE-X is Completely Customizable

Whether you built your Jeep part by part or bought it stock and loaded it up with aftermarket accessories, your Jeep represents you. LINE-X won’t change that. You can choose exactly what you want to LINE-X–the entire interior, exterior, or just portions of your Jeep. You can also pick the color and type of LINE-X spray!

Reason #3: LINE-X Keeps your Jeep Clean

Face it, you put your Jeep through a lot. Off roading, mudding, participating in a Jamboree. Jeeps can get messy—inside and out! LINE-X can help you there! LINE-X protective coatings are easy to spray off and clean. Mud and dirt are easily washed away, returning your pride and joy to a perfect state. Plus, we all know how hard it can be to clean a vehicle’s interior. LINE-X helps you keep your interior looking pristine. It’s easy to hose off and wipe down. No carpet or mat stains here.

Reason #4: High Quality Application

Our installation experts are highly trained to ensure that your Jeep’s LINE-X application will be skillfully applied to perfection. LINE-X bedliners bond at the molecular level providing enduring protection. A spray on bedliner from LINE-X means you won’t experience cracking or bubbling.  Additionally, LINE-X’s UV protection resists fading, ensuring your Jeep will constantly look great.

LINE-X spray on bedliners have been a popular choice for truck owners, but why shouldn’t Jeepers get in on the action too?!

Before your next trip to the mountains or trail run in the backwoods, drive your Jeep into LINE-X of Savannah and we’ll customize your rig with the ultimate in vehicle protection.


We know it’s a big deal when you purchase a truck.

You’re probably looking for a way to protect your new investment.

But what are the most important accessories for your truck bed? We know exactly what you need: A Truck Gear by LINE-X LXP Tonneau Cover. A hard folding Tonneau cover not only protects your truck but it protects your tools, gear and other valuables as well.

Let’s walk through all the ways a Truck Gear by LINE-X LXP Cover takes care of you and your truck.


You know LINE-X means quality and durability. Not only can we spray LINE-X on the entire bed of your truck, protecting against any potential scratches and dents, but we can also spray Tonneau Covers! Truck Gear by LINE-X LXP Tonneau Covers are pre-sprayed with LINE-X, so they’re ready for anything.


Faded covers never look good. LINE-X is UV stable so it protects from fading. With LINE-X, your Tonneau cover will always look new.


An LXP Hard Folding Tonneau Cover is low profile and provides a sleek flush mounted design. Forget bulky and cumbersome, you’ll be amazed at perfect simplicity of this design.


We know you don’t want to put any holes in your new truck-and you don’t have to! LXP Tonneau Covers require no-drill, clamp installation. We’ll have your cover installed in no time.


LINE-X means tough. These covers are rated up to 400 lbs of evenly distributed weight. You don’t have to baby this truck bed cover. Go ahead, complete your projects without concern for your truck bed cover.


If you’re storing expensive tools and equipment in your truck bed, the last thing you want to worry about is water leakage and the resulting rust and damage. Our Tonneau covers are installed with rubber seals between the Tonneau rails and the truck bed rails, increasing water resistance and protecting your truck.


No matter your truck preferences or requirements, you can configure your highly functional Tonneau cover in a way that makes sense for you. Your LXP Tonneau Cover can be used in multiple positions to accommodate various sizes and shapes of cargo.


Not only will an LXP Tonneau Cover keep your tools and equipment safe, it will keep you safe too. Our covers allow for visibility of the 3rd brake light while the cover is open.


We’ve got you covered in more ways than one! Made in the USA, LXP Hard Folding Tonneau Covers come with a lifetime warranty. You can be comfortable in the quality and durability of LINE-X products.

Keeping your new (or well-loved) truck protected has never been easier. Our Tonneau covers are sleek, stylish, and durable. You’ll love the efficiency, strength and ease of a Tonneau cover. Drive your truck into LINE-X of Savannah, and we’ll fit your truck with a top of the line Truck Gear by LINE-X LXP Hard Folding Tonneau Cover. You’ll guarantee supreme protection for your truck when you pair this cover with a LINE-X spray-on bedliner.  At LINE-X of Savannah, we’ve got you covered!


Spring is the perfect time to get everything in order-including your vehicle!

The busy season for your truck is here.

And a spray on bedliner from LINE-X is the best thing you can do to protect your ride. That’s why LINE-X of Savannah wants to offer you a FREE UV spray ($100 value) when you schedule an appointment for a spray on bedliner. Our spray on bedliners are long lasting, strong, sleek and completely customizable.

Just follow these easy steps to claim your free UV spray:

1. Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Instagram

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3. Ask for a free UV Spray when scheduling your bed spray appointment through the end of May.

Come see us to get your truck fitted with a custom bedliner of the highest quality and durability. Our expert installers are ready and waiting to give your truck a bedliner to tackle the dirtiest and toughest of jobs.


It’s that time of year again-turkey hunting season!

The Georgia statewide hunting season runs from March 20th-May 15th.

Whether you’re new to the game or you’ve been tracking the same Boss Tom or Thunder Chicken for several seasons, it’s an exciting time of year! What could possibly make turkey hunting season better? We’ve got a few ideas. At LINE-X of Savannah, we know just how to get your truck all set for the best hunting experience of your life. Who knows? Maybe your highest scoring trophy turkey is waiting for you this season!

Here are our recommendations for getting your truck turkey ready:

LINE-X Bedliner
There is no better way to protect the bed of your truck than a LINE-X spray on bedliner. Our spray on bedliners are made of highest quality materials. These materials provide your truck bedliner with unparalleled durability and strength. A bedliner from LINE-X of Savannah, GA will maintain a complete and permanent bond to your truck bed, ensuring it’s ready for turkeys (and anything else). Once the hunting is over, your bedliner is easy to spray off, leaving it clean and looking great for your next adventure.


When you’re hunting, it’s imperative to have a place to store guns and equipment. Nothing beats a DECKED system when it comes to organization and safety. You’ll be able to easily access guns and gear. DECKED systems are weatherproof, so whatever the hunting conditions, your gear will be protected. And with the security of a DECKED system, the weather won’t be the only thing you keep out. You can securely lock away your favorite gun and hunting gear when not in use. Customize your DECKED system to suit your hunting preferences.
The DECKED system will take care of all your hunting equipment, but we recommend you protect the entire truck bed as well. The best way to do that is with a bedcover. Choose from tonneaus to camper tops. We have a variety of bedcovers in stock and will find the perfect cover to improve your hunting experience.

Truck Gear Cooler

A Truck Gear Expedition Cooler is a “must have” for any hunter! This cooler can take whatever you can throw in it. Made with thick walls a and roto-molded design, it’s the definition of durable. Extra dense insulation keeps the cold air in, ensuring everything inside stays completely chilled.
At LINE-X of Savannah, we know exactly how to get your truck into hunting shape.

We’ll get you set for the most enjoyable hunting season yet!

And once we’ve got your truck ready for the hunt, drive it on over to one of these local hunting events:

Jeff Davis Co. NWTF
7/27/2020 @ 6:00pm (EST)
Civic Center, Hazelhurst, GA 31539
Contact: Bobby Sears
Purchase tickets online


Ogeechee River Longbeards
8/01/2020 @ 6:00pm (EST)
Belle House, 380 Westside Road, Statesboro, GA 30458
Contact: Wade Hodges (912) 536-5323
Purchase tickets online

For additional information about these events, check out the NWTF website at:

For more turkey hunting activities, you can also check out the local Savannah Turkey Federation on their Facebook page.

Happy Hunting from LINE-X of Savannah!


So you’ve just rolled your truck off the lot.

It’s shiny, new and looks great. But how exactly will you keep it looking nice while ensuring it’s also secure? Let’s face it, trucks can take a beating.
They haul cargo, pull loads and drive through rugged terrain. We know you’re looking for a way to protect your truck, tools, gear and other valuables. At LINE-X of Savannah, we’ve got all the accessories you need to keep your truck looking great and secure while performing at the highest levels.

What are some of the most important accessories for your truck? Here are some of our customers’ favorites:


There are so many truck bed cover options, how do you know which one will suit you? With all the choices out there, we can help you land on the one that fits you best.

  • Retractable-Power or manual cover that retracts into a canister and is flush with the rails, this cover offers ease of access to cargo in the bed. Retractable covers are available in hard or soft panels.
  • Folding-Also allowing for quick access to the bed, folding covers offer a different, more rugged (but still sleek) look. Folding panels are also available in hard or soft materials, such as vinyl or canvas.
  • Rolling-Rolling covers are opened by rolling the top from tailgate to the back of the cab. With seamless vinyl siding and lightweight materials, complete access to the truck bed is easy.
  • Fiberglass– These truck bed tonneaus or camper tops are the pinnacle of styling and protection.  Made from one piece of fiberglass, this cover will keep everything in your bed safe and weatherproof.
We have a variety of tops in stock ready to install.


If you’ve got a new truck, the last thing you want is chaos in the truck bed. Jumbled tools and gear will make a mess of your truck bed and damage its contents. That’s where a deck system can help. Deck systems easily organize your truck bed, streamlining projects and ensuring the safety of your bed and accessories. Deck systems are secure, weatherproof and easy to customize. Whatever the size of your truck bed, a deck system will ensure maximum organization and safety. Plus, they look great.


Toolboxes are another great storage option for your truck. If you want storage but you also want to maintain a good amount of cargo and hauling space in your truck bed, there are several options. If you have specific or specialty needs when it comes to a toolbox, let us help you determine which box will work for you. Options include: crossover truck toolboxes, utility chest boxes, ATV and UTV boxes, side mount, drawer truck tool boxes, and even dog boxes. Safe and secure, a toolbox is suitable for any adventure.

At LINE-X of Savannah, we know the wide variety of options for your truck can be overwhelming. We’re here to help you navigate all the choices and find the accessories that best suit your busy lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a truck bed cover, decked system, toolbox, or other truck accessories, we’ve got what you need!


You’re out in your truck and traveling on some rough terrain.

You’ve got a rugged truck—you’ll be fine, right? Sure.

Until you run into a field of large rocks or experience decreased visibility because of your lower truck height. These are issues you don’t need! A suspension lift kit can solve these problems and many more. Lift kits raise your truck or SUV off the ground, providing more clearance under your vehicle. When it comes to lift kits, there are several options to choose from.

Take a closer look at the variety of suspension options below:

A-Arm Coiler

Coilover independent front suspension (IFS) vehicles use different length upper and lower control arms to support the steering knuckle. This setup makes it possible to have increased amounts of specific movements, ensuring correct suspension geometry. An A-Arm Coiler is appropriate for a variety of vehicle and performance applications.

A-Arm Torsion Bar

Torsion bar IFS designs use a similar configuration to the A-Arm Coiler, employing arms of differing lengths. The difference in this type of suspension is that torsion bars are used in place of coil springs. There are some limitations to ride height with an A-Arm Torsion Bar, but height can be increased by preloading the torsion bars. Torsion bar suspension can be used for any vehicle.

A-Arm Coil Spring

Coil spring designs also use different control arm lengths but maintain ride height using a coil spring that is situated between the frame and lower control arm. The lower control arm supports the weight of the vehicle and the upper arm preserves the position of the steering knuckle.

Radius Arm Solid Axle

This design employees a solid drive axle by using radius arms for front-to-rear positioning of the axle and coil springs, which supports the weight of the vehicle. Front to rear tilt changes as the suspension cycles, which may slightly impact steering quality.

4 Link Solid Axle

The 4 Link Solid Axle design utilizes a solid drive axle and coil spring, but uses two parallel links per side, as opposed to radius arms, for front-to-rear positioning of the axle. Because this design allows the axle to move in a specific axis, there is a reduced effect on the caster and pinion angles.

Leaf Spring Solid Axle

The Leaf Spring Solid Axle includes a multiple leaf spring-pack on both sides of the axle housing to support the vehicle load. This design keeps the axle on a specific axis. A track bar can be used to help center the axle on heavy duty applications.


4 Link Solid A

The 4 Link Solid Axle rear suspension integrates a solid drive axle and coil springs. Two parallel links per side allow for front-to-rear positioning of the axle. A track bar is used to keep the axle centered.

Leaf Spring Solid Axle

Leaf Spring Solid axle is the most popular design for rear suspension. It uses a multiple leaf spring-pack to position the axle and to support the vehicle load. The leaf spring design is used in heavy duty applications and can support additional weight capacity.

As you can see, there are several suspension options to choose from. LINE-X of Savannah will get your truck or SUV lifted to the next level. Our technicians will install a suspension system with precision and expertise, ensuring complete satisfaction. Come on into our shop and let us help raise your game.